Gothic Account

  • GothicCard Benefits


    Save:               Enjoy tax free purchases at food service locations.

    Safety:             Minimize the need to carry cash.
    Convenience:  Total purchase amount deducted from available balance.
    Flexible:          Add funds to your Account whenever you are running
                             low. Accounts can be opened with as little as $10.00, cash, 
                             personal checks, and all major credit cards.   Funds can be
                             added to the GothicCard at the University Service Center or on-line.
    A significant part of the GothicCard is a stored value account service. This service helps to provide a safer campus environment by minimizing the need to carry and use cash for daily expenses. Plus, GothicCard transactions speed the purchase of product and services, particularly at campus dining facilities. Like all stored value accounts, cardholder deposits are made into an account, and then purchases are made which deduct from the account's available balance. There are no cardholder fees or hidden costs to the University stored value account service.
    The funds in the GothicCard account are not physically on the card. Rather, they are accessed by swiping the GothicCard which will verify and then deduct the funds, if available, within the campus network and from our secure servers. If the card is lost or misplaced, we strongly recommend reporting it to freeze the account and prevent fraudulent use. If a replacement card is needed, all the funds (and other card based services) are automatically transferred to the replacement card.

    The GothicCard is your key to convenient, cash-free purchases within the University community. Up-to-the minute account balances are available, plus you or your parents are able to add money to your account online.

    Two Easy Ways to Add Value to your GothicCard!

    University Service Center : 
    Located in the Gilligan Student Union Building room 109.  Cash, Check or Credit Card (Visa and Mastercard) accepted.
    Sign up on-line:   
    Check your balance, replenish your account, view last six months of transactions, and deactivate a lost card.  Log in online through the GothicCard page.