GothicCard Services

  • Building Access
    Many administrative and academic buildings and offices require a valid GothicCard for access at certain hours. Contact the Public Safety Department for more information.

    The GothicCard is used at the University Barnes & Noble Bookstore to purchase items.
    Dining Services  
    The GothicCard is used to mark purchases at Gourmet Dining locations, including Java City, the Market Place and Monteques Deli. Once you activate your GothicCard account, you can use your GothicCard to make purchases.
    Vending Machines 
    Students may use their GothicCard to purchase beverages and snacks at select vending machines on campus.
    A valid GothicCard is required when borrowing books and using/reserving materials from Congressman Frank J. Guarini Library.
    Copy Center - GSUB 109
    GothicCard funds are used as payment on the black & white and color copy machines.
    Athletic and Recreation Center 
    A valid GothicCard is required to use  the John J. Moore Athletic and Recreation center.  
    Network IDs & Passwords  
    Within the GothicCard authentication system, an individual's username is known as a GothicNet ID number. Paired with an associated password, a GothicNet ID is required to authenticate an individual's identity for access to the GothicNet portal