Lost or Stolen GothicCard

  • Lost or Stolen GothicCard 


    Report the loss or theft of your GothicCard immediately to the University Service Center during business hours: 
    After normal business hours, report the loss or theft of your GothicCard to the Public Safety Department:


    You can also deactivate your GothicCard on line by logging into your GothicCard account https://services.jsatech.com/login.php?cid=131 .

    • When you report your lost or stolen GothicCard, it will be deactivated so no one else will be able to use your card.
    • You may come in to the University Service Center and replace your card at any time during Business hours.  There is a $25.00 replacement fee for a lost or stolen card.
    • If you find your old card (prior to obtaining a new one) you must call the University Service Center to have it reactivated. You can not reactivate your old card after a replacement card has been issued.


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