University Facts

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    Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN Tax ID Number) 

    DUNS Number 

    NJCU’s Travel Policy

    Congressional District and other Governmental Information
    NJCU is located in the 10th Congressional district of New Jersey but services both the 10th and 13th Congressional districts of New Jersey. The congressional representatives are Donald Payne and Albio Sires respectively.

    Facilities and Administrative Cost (Indirect Cost)
    Currently NJCU has a negotiated rate of 72%. The rate for off-campus activity is 37%. 

    Fringe Benefits
    The university’s fringe benefit rate is 45.35% for full-time employees and 10.65% for part time employees. The fringe benefit rate for all students is 7.65%.

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    "Boilerplate" information which may be used in any proposal on behalf of New Jersey City University.

    Updated statistical information about the University and its students is available on the home page of the Office of Institutional Research. The Office publishes a Data Book periodically, providing grants-seekers with accurate data in a variety of areas.