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After completing the information literacy tutorial sessions, a self-evaluation is necessary to assess your information literacy competencies. This session includes the following three tests:

Information Literacy Competency TEST 1
Information Literacy Competency TEST 2
Information Literacy Competency TEST 3

Competency 1 : Identifies a variety of types/formats of sources for information needed.

You should be able to:

  • Recognize that you have to choose appropriate sources of information depending on your research needs.
  • Identify the difference between library resources and information on the Web.
  • Recognize that library resources are located both in buildings and on the Web.
  • Know what you would find in an online full text database and in an online catalog.

Quiz yourself:

1. The university library offers:
a) Organized online and print information resources
b) Selected books, journals, videos and CD-ROM
c) Reserve materials
d) Reference service, bibliographic/information literacy instructions
e) All of the above

2. To find books on a specific subject in the Library, you have to search:
a) EBSCOHost
b) OSCAR- the library online catalog
d) The library home page

3. Which is the name of the best appropriate database to find full-text professional or peer reviewed journal articles on a specific subject ?
b) Academic Search Premier
c) The Internet
d) EBSCOHost

4. Which description does NOT apply to reference books:
a) Books that include dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs,
atlases, handbooks etc.
b) Books that are located on the first floor of the Guarini Library
c) Books that may be checked out for 4 weeks by those having valid
d) Books that are used to find introductory or background information
on a subject.

5. You are preparing a research paper and you need resources for background/introductory materials. Your professor requests that you use print resources. Where would you look?
a) Reference books such as encyclopedias or handbooks
b) Newspaper articles
c) The WWW
d) The library databases

6. Which of the following are you LEAST likely to find on a library's Web site?
a) Hours, policies and contact information for the library
b) Links to Web sites that librarians have reviewed and recommended
c) Access to the library databases and online catalog
d) Full text of all resources that you would find in the physical library

7. If you are doing a research paper, the best place to start is the WWW.
a) True
b) False



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