Enrollment Process

  • Student - enjoying the campus on a nice summer day.ENROLLMENT PROCESS CHECKLIST 
    • Apply to the NJCU High School Summer Scholars Program by completing the online NJCU High School Summer Scholars Admissions Application.
    • Indicate the course you wish to enroll in on the High School Summer Scholars Application
    • Submit a High School Transcript
    • Submit a personal statement explaining your motivation for attending this program
    • Submit a letter of recommendation from your guidance counselor
    Upon acceptance to the program you will be contacted by the Admissions Office. You will be informed of your acceptance into the program and confirmation of the availability of the course you selected. Your registration will be finalized upon payment in full of the tuition. If you have any questions regarding the NJCU High School Summer Scholars Program please call Ms. Veronica Garcia, Admissions Counselor at (201) 200-3234 or use our online  Contact Form.