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  •   The NJCU Counseling Center 

     The NJCU Counseling Center

    Gilligan Student Union Building - Suite 308 

    The Counseling Center and the Health Wellness Center (H&WC) are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL services available to all students at NJCU.
    The Health &Wellness Center does not provide counseling services for emotional or mental health issues, however NJCU does have a COUNSELING CENTER. 
    The New Jersey City University Counseling/Health & Wellness Centers staff work collaboratively to provide high quality care to members of the University community. We maintain confidentiality and have a commitment to ethical practices. All people are treated with respect and sensitivity, and we are committed to providing services that recognize and support each individual as a unique being.

     For more information, visit the NJCU Counseling Center website.
    We encourage you to review their website for more information,
    and call the office with any questions.
    (201) 200-3165
    The Counseling Center offers NJCU students free and confidential counseling, delivered by qualified, experienced professionals. Both individual and group counseling are available to address students’ personal, academic, and vocational concerns. The staff is dedicated to helping students enhancing their psychological, social, and intellectual development. Whether you are facing challenges in your relationships, coping with anxiety or depression, concerned about family problems, dealing with losses, having academic difficulties, or struggling with identity issues, they are here to help.