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    Where is the Health & Wellness Center?

    The Health & Wellness Center (H&WC) is located on the first floor of Vodra Hall, Suite 107. Our office is conveniently located near the center of the main campus adjacent to the Public Safety dispatcher’s desk.

    What hours is the Health & Wellness Center open?

    • Monday through Thursday: 8:30 a.m.- 6:00 p.m. (unless otherwise posted)
    • Fridays: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
    • Saturdays & Sundays: CLOSED

    The Health & Wellness Center is closed, what should I do? 

    In the event of a medical emergency (injury or illness) anywhere on campus, contact Public Safety Desk at extension 3128 or dial “55” from any campus phone. When using a cell phone you must dial the entire number (201) 200-3128. 

    If you are off-campus, please dial 911 to reach the emergency operator in your local municipality.      

    Who is eligible for services? 

    • Registered NJCU students are eligible to be seen by the nurses and the physician in the H&WC (Vodra 107)
    • Employees are NOT eligible to see the registered nurses, but may be assisted by a nurse  only in the event of a life-threatening emergency.
    • Campus visitors can be seen by the nurse for first-aid only.   

     How much does it cost to visit the H&WC?   

    Any service or medication that can be provided in the H&WC by the registered nurses or physician is FREE of charge regardless of insurance. Patients are responsible for payment of any off-campus referrals for specialists, clinics, prescriptions, laboratory work, x-rays, and emergency care, etc. 
    Fees may be charged for health services provided on campus by outside vendors, such as flu vaccines, etc. You will be clearly informed (in advance) of any fee.

    Can I see a Doctor on campus?

    A physician is available on campus on a part-time basis (for registered students only) during the academic semesters. Please call the H&WC (201) 200-3456 for the current month’s schedule. 

    Do I need an appointment to see a nurse or physician?

    You do not need to make an appointment. You may walk in at any time during our office hours to see a registered nurse, who can assess your problem. We will do our best to minimize your wait to be seen. Some treatment for certain conditions can be initiated by the nurse. If you need further assessment or treatment by a physician, the nurse will advise you when the physician will be available. If it is after hours, there may be a need to be referred to a local emergency department. 

    Does the Health & Wellness Center offer psychological counseling?

    The H&WC does not provide counseling services for emotional or mental health issues, however NJCU does have a COUNSELING CENTER. For more information, visit the NJCU Counseling Center website

    Can I get my prescriptions filled at the Health & Wellness Center?

    The H&WC does not fill prescriptions. If you live on campus, you should plan to have enough of your prescription medication to last until your next visit home. If this is not possible, there are many local pharmacies available in the Jersey City area. The H&WC can provide you with a list of pharmacies local to NJCU. Please note your health insurance or prescription plan may place limitations on where you are able to have your prescriptions filled.  

    Do you have to call my parents? 

    Students who are 18 years of age or older are considered adults and have the legal right to medical confidentiality. We do not and will not release any information to anyone about you without your written consent to do so.   

    Why do I have an immunization records hold or "negative service indicator" on my registration and how do I get it removed?

    If the required health information/immunization records are not received in the H&WC or if the information received does not meet the necessary requirements, a hold is placed on your registration preventing you from further class registration at NJCU. To get the registration hold removed, you must contact the H&WC to determine what information has not been received. Once we have received all the required information, the H&WC will lift the registration hold, clearing you to register.   

    Where can I find my old immunization records (before attending NJCU)?  

    • Students are responsible for contacting the various agencies or institutions and requesting a copy of their immunization records. All records MUST be in English or accompanied by a translation. 
    • High Schools or previous colleges – A copy of the immunization record may be obtained from your high school, Board of Education, or a previously attended college. These records may contain adequate information.
    • Personal Immunization Record – Records from pediatricians or family medical providers are acceptable, if verified (with stamp or signature), and contain proof of minimum requirements.
    • Local Health Department – If primary immunizations were received at a local health department, a copy may be obtained from this source.  
    • Military records may also contain proof of the immunizations that you need for college. Simply having been is the military is not proof enough.  We must see your military immunization records.
    • No professionals are exempt from the immunization regulations. Nurses, teachers, law enforcement personnel, fire fighters all must comply.  

    Does the Health & Wellness Center keep a copy of my immunization and medical records and how do I get a copy? 

    The Health & Wellness Center keeps all health records provided to us, including immunization records, for a period of 10 years. Immunization records are computerized and are stored indefinitely. Remember, we only have the records you provided to us as well as a record of any healthcare visit to our H&WC.  Please note:  Prior to 1997 immunization records were requested, but not required at NJCU, so if you attended NJCU prior to 1997, we may not have a record for you.  Please feel free to inquire. 
    To obtain a copy of your health and/or immunization records you must complete and submit a personally signed release of medical information form to the H&WC.  Download the consent form, complete all required fields, and fax to the H&WC at (201) 200-2011 or bring your completed form to the office (Vodra 107).  Please allow adequate time for the H&WC to process your request. Please indicate clearly where you wish your records to be sent.  There is no fee charged for this service.