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Meet Our Staff




    The Health & Wellness Center Staff

    Abisola Gallagher-Hobson, Ed.D  
    Director, Counseling & Wellness Services
    Carolyn Hunter, RN, BC, BSN    
    Supervisor, Health & Wellness Center
    Kathleen Decker, RN-BC, MS   * 
    Assistant Supervisor  
    Robert Lukenda, D.O. 
    Consulting Physician
    Board Certified - Family Medicine Specialty
    Frances Guthrie, RN, BA 
    Per-diem Nurse
    Maxine Perkins 
    Senior Clerical Assistant
    Karla Raudales 
    Information Managment
    Medical Records
    Carol Crystal. L.M.T. 
    Independant Practitioner
    *  Our full-time Registered Nurses are Nationally Board Certified  
    in the specialty of College Health Nursing.
    The Health & Wellness Center reports to the Director of Counseling & Wellness Services, the Dean of Students, and is part of the NJCU Division of Student Affairs.
    In keeping with an integrated view of health and well-being, the Health & Wellness Center and the Counseling Center are incorporated in one department at NJCU.  Although they are separate units, each with their own location, they have a joint mission, working collaboratively to provide quality comprehensive services to the University community.