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Waiving Out Of The Insurance

    If you are a NEW Spring 2014 full-time student, you will be charged for student health insurance.  That policy will run from 01/01/14 - 08/01/14.  
    • $613.00 for Undergraduate Students 
    • $878.00 for Graduate Students 
    In order to have the insurance charge removed from your bill, you will need to “waive” out of the insurance on-line by indicating you already have health insurance coverage from another source.
    The deadline to waive-out out of the 2013/2014 year insurance policy  was Thursday, September 26th, 2013. 
    The deadline to waive-out out of the Spring 2014 policy for NEW Spring 2014 student is Tuesday, February 18th, 2014.    

    (Step-by-Step Instructions)

    1. Go to http://www.firststudent.com/ 

    2. Select New Jersey City University from the drop-down menu 

    3. Click “Waive Your School’s Health Insurance” from left side menu

    4. Click “WAIVE NOW” 

    5. Complete the information requested (you will need your insurance card)

    6. Print your Waiver Confirmation (Final page after submit) – note: they advise using a lap top or desk top, not a mobile device such as a phone.

    Any questions regarding the charge for insurance on your bill MUST be directed to the NJCU Bursar’s Office. The Health & Wellness Center cannot help you with insurance charges.

    Peter Ljutic 
    Director Student Financial Services & Risk Manager 
    Administration & Finance 
    (201) 200-3045  
    New Jersey City University 
    August 5, 2013