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Welcome to New Jersey City University!

All New Students
This website has been designed to provide you with easy access to all the web resources available at the University, especially those useful for new students.  On the left side of this page you will notice links that describe a wide variety of offices and services which you will need to access during your “initiation” into the NJCU community.  If you have a question or concern that is not addressed on this site, please send an email to, and a University staff member will respond with assistance.

Freshman Student Information
Upon acceptance to New Jersey City University, you must reserve your place in class by mailing your $50.00 admissions deposit and confirmation card. Once we have received this, a comprehensive information packet will be sent to you. This packet will contain detailed information regarding the enrollment process at NJCU. If you have not already done so, please confirm your acceptance. For further information about confirming your acceptance, you can contact the Office of Admissions at (201) 200-3234.

Once you have submitted your admissions deposit ($50.00) your next step is to select a date for Freshman Placement Testing and later schedule an advisement appointment.

Freshman Placement Test
The University Advisement Center (UAC) is responsible for administering the ACCUPLACER Freshman Placement Test program. Once you have been matriculated (paid the deposit) you will receive an invitation letter scheduling you to take the Freshman Placement Test. It is your responsibility to RSVP to take the placement test as soon as you receive your invitation.  If you’ve already sent in your deposit you can register for the test by clicking here and visiting the UAC Testing Services website.

The freshmen placement test assesses a student's skill level in English (Writing), English (Reading), Mathematics (Computation), and Mathematics (Algebra); determining which of the required courses students will take during their first semester at New Jersey City University. This test (ACCUPLACER) was designed by the College Entrance Examination Board to assess student skill level, provide placement, and advisement for students entering two or four-year institutions of higher education. The ACCUPLACER test is presented in a computer-adaptive mode, and test scores are available soon after testing. Writing scores are graded by NJCU faculty and are generally available within 2-3 days of taking the exam. Students in the following categories MUST take this exam:
  • Full-time and Part-time freshman.
  • Students who plan on accumulating 12 or more credits.
  • Full-time and Part-time transfer students who have not received transfer credit for college-level composition and mathematics.
  • Students who already hold a bachelor's degree do not need to be tested.

Information about upcoming test dates, regulations and registration can be found HERE.

Freshman Advisement and Registration
Once you have taken the Freshman Placement Test, you should make an appointment with the University Advisement Center (UAC) for advisement and registration of Fall classes. You will meet with an academic advisor to review the results of the Freshman Placement Test, general studies requirements and to register for Fall classes. To schedule an appointment, please call the UAC at (201) 200-3300 or by emailing the Virtual Advisor.

New First Year Student Orientation
Participation in the New First Year Student Orientation Program is required for all new first year students. The New First Year Student Orientation is a full-day program including activities that are designed to ease your transition to college life at New Jersey City University. At this program you will meet student leaders, faculty, staff, and administrators who can offer advice and answer your questions about college life. You will receive information on advisement, financial aid, university policies, student rights, and get acquainted with other classmates. For information about confirming your attendance at a New First Year Student Orientation Program, please click HERE

Transfer Student Information
Upon acceptance to New Jersey City University, a $50.00 tuition deposit is required to confirm your intention to enroll. Upon receipt of this deposit, the student's academic transcripts are evaluated.  Transfer students have the option of completing a Transfer Credit Evaluation Form, which will expedite your credit evaluation by visiting the following website Once your request is completed, a representative from the Transfer Resource Center will contact you to let you know of any required follow-up appointments and/or procedures. Please allow 2-3 business days for your request to be processed.  For further information concerning transfer credits, contact the Transfer Credit Evaluator at the University Advisement Center, (201) 200-3418.

The University Advisement Center (UAC) is the main point of reference for new and continuing students.  In addition to academic advisement, you can also change your admit status, declare your major, and have your transfer credits evaluated.

If you are undecided on which major to pursue, you will have the opportunity to be advised and registered at the University Advisement Center.  If you know what program you intend to major in, and expect to transfer more than 30 credits, you should contact the department chairperson or dean to schedule an advisement appointment (see department listing below). To declare a major, you must stop by the University Advisement Center to complete a Declaration of Major form (Vodra Hall 101).

Please let your advisor know if you intend to complete an AA or AS degree before you enroll to ensure proper advisement.  Final transcripts should be submitted no later than the end of January in order to receive a complete and final evaluation before the start of the Fall semester.

Undecided major students will be assigned an advisor based on last name:
A-Ci   Ms. Pamela Andrews 
Cj-Gl Mr. George Marano
Gm-Le   Ms. Jazmin Zegarra
Lf-O Ms. Daysi Romero
P-Se  Ms. Naomi Wright
Sf-Z Ms. Kathleen Banks

You may schedule an appointment in person or by calling the phone number that corresponds with the spelling of your last name:
A-L 201-200-3422
M-Z 201-200-3300

Contacts/Advisors for Students in the following groups:

Art Dr. Herbert Rosenberg 201-200-3241
Athletics Ms. Bridgette Quimpo 201-200-2560
Honors Program Dr. Katerina Baitinger 201-200-3001
International Students Mr. Craig Katz 201-200-2089
Music Students Dr. Edward Raditz 201-200-2017
EOF/OSP Students OSP Advisors 201-200-3355
TLC Mr. Woodrow Lewis, Jr. 201-200-2214

If you have any questions or concerns regarding advisement and registration, please do not hesitate to contact us.  If you haven’t yet received your transfer credit evaluation, please visit the following link and complete the questionnaire.

New transfer student registration, for the Fall semester begins on November 6th.  Students who have had their transcripts evaluated and have not declared a major should contact the University Advisement Center to schedule an advisement appointment. 

Students who have a major should contact their academic department to schedule an appointment.


Department/ Programs

Chairperson/ Coordinator




Dr. Rosenberg


(201) 200-3214


Dr. Hoch


(201) 200-3054

Business Administration

Ms. Ettinger


(201) 200-3353


Dr. Yamaguchi


(201) 200-3066

Computer Science

Dr. Ngatchou


(201) 200-3291

Criminal Justice/Safety

Dr. Williams


(201) 200-3492

Early Childhood Education

Dr. Adesanya


Contact College of Education


Dr. Hordon


(201) 200-3230

Elementary & Secondary Education

Dr. Hall


Contact College of Education


Dr. Maini


(201) 200-3337

Ethnic Studies

Dr. Thurston


(201) 200-3251

Fire Science

Mr. Malley


(201) 200-3407

Geoscience/ Geography

Mr. Montgomery


(201) 200-3161

Health Sciences

Dr. Gordon


(201) 200-3431


Dr. Thurston


(201) 200-3251


Dr. Riggs


(201) 200-3201

Media Arts

Mr. Bogawa


(201) 200-3494

Modern Language/ Spanish

Dr. Barugel


(201) 200-3176

Music, Dance, & Theatre

Dr. Raditz


(201) 200-3151




(201) 200-3157

Philosophy/ Religion

Dr. Hochsman


(201) 200-3204


Dr. Pinkas


(201) 200-3448

Political Science

Dr. Lieb


(201) 200-3231


Dr. Hallerman


(201) 200-3062

Sociology & Anthropology

Dr. Ohiwerei


(201) 200-3261

Special Education

Dr. Fleres


Contact College of Education

Deans’ Offices:
College of Arts & Sciences  K605 201-200-3001
College of Education P303 201-200-2101
College of Professional Studies P402 201-200-3321

Transfer Student Orientation

A Transfer Student Orientation Program has been designed to provide you with valuable information that will ease your transition to NJCU. A letter of invitation will be mailed to students regarding the Transfer Orientation Program. The program will cover topics which include: transfer credit evaluation, general studies requirements, financial aid, graduation clearance and academic department requirements. At this program you will have an opportunity to meet student leaders, faculty, staff, and administrators who can offer advice and answer questions about NJCU. Once you receive your letter of invitation you can confirm your attendance at the Transfer Student Orientation Program by contacting the University Advisement Center at (201) 200-3418.

The Transfer Student Orientation date will be posted in the coming weeks.
Financial Aid Processing Update
New Jersey City University has expanded and upgraded its campus information systems to better serve the University community. This initiative is called GothicNet. By using your school provided GothicNet ID and Password, you will be permitted to access GothicNet’s many self-service features.

Financial Aid Awards for the academic year are accessible to all students via the web. New and returning students will simply access the information via the GothicNet portal and will be able to accept or decline the awards offered over the internet. 

Financial Aid processing is currently underway for all students. You may receive requests for documents or additional information from our office. Please respond to these requests so that we may review the information and process your financial aid application. This will help in making the award packages ready for your review.

If you have any questions about the financial aid processing status, please feel free to contact the Financial Aid Office at (201) 200-3173.
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