What is the "Actions Manager"

If you're a high-school student, you need to stay in tune with the admissions process. No matter what grade you're in, each month requires some action on your part. At NJCU we have created and interactive admissions timeline and “tasks/actions list” that gives you quick access to the timely information you need, whether you're a freshman sophomore, junior, or senior.

After creating a profile, each month will have specific "actions" (tasks, tests and decisions) associated with it. These actions will help guide you through the difficult and sometimes confusing admission process, and don’t worry the site will keep track of where you are in this process at all times (even from year to year, until graduation).

Use the “Actions Manager” to keep track of your accomplished tasks tests and decisions and those that still need to be completed. To do this simplyMy Action Steps click the “Action Steps”icon, on your personalized home page, this will bring up “your actions to complete list”, as you accomplish actions for the month mark them completed, this will add them to the “Actions completed list.” You will have the ability to view all actions completed or not completed for every month.

You also will receive personalized news and emails that related to YOUR interests, as specified in the profile you My Profilehave created. At any time you can add or delete interests in your profile by clicking “My profile”. So go ahead, take about 3 minutes to create a profile and personalize this site and to begin your journey.
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