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Telephone Services

  • General Instructions
    Includes a current list of emergency numbers, basic phone instructions, campus building abbreviations and more.

    Single Line Phone Features & Instructions
    Provides details for single-line, analog telephone features and how to use them.

    Aastra 9116 User Guide
    This guide is for the single line telephone with a single row of function buttons.

    New Meridian 3904 User Guide  and Meridian 3904 Reference Card
    This guide is for the new multi-line telephone with a double row of function buttons. 

    Voice Mail (Call Pilot™ from Nortel ) Instructions   (User Guide)
    This is the voice messaging user's guide. This guide includes information on topics such as: logging in, playing messages, replying to messages, composing messages, remote notification and more. Please note that all features are not available at this time.Mer

            - Or, download the (Voice Mail (Call Pilot™ from Nortel) Instructions - Quick Reference Card). (This quick reference card provides easy to use instructions for many of the most commonly used features. Please note that not all features are available at this time. )

    Authorization Code Request Form
    Long distance calls can be made from any campus phone, but access is restricted through the use of a personal authorization code system. All employees who require long distance access must apply for an access code using this form. All requests must be signed by the department head. (NOTE: This form can be filled out electronically, then printed for the signature.)