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Useful Resources

  • Enterprise Resources for Students, Faculty, and Staff
    Contact information for most often requested departments:

    Department     Telephone   Fax     E-mail 
     Alumni Office  201-200-3196 201-200-2381  alumni@njcu.edu  
     Registrar's Office  201-200-3333 201-200-2062  registrar@njcu.edu 
     Graduate Admissions  877-NJCU GRAD
    201-200-3411  grad_dept@njcu.edu  
     Undergrad Admissions  888-441-NJCU
    201-200-2044   admissions@njcu.edu  

    Need to find another department, program, or oganization? Try the A-Z Departments Directory.

    Need to find a specific person? Try the Online Faculty/Staff Directory.

    For questions, comments or suggestions:

    Email Us 

    The above link will take you to a form to fill out that will be Emailed to us. If you prefer, you can use your local Email client (Outlook, Netscape Mail, Eudora, Calypso, etc.). This email address is websupport@njcu.edu. Either way, you can expect a prompt reply!