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Desktop Applications

  • The following documents provide tips that may help in working with the current operating system and application standards in use by the University. In addition, there are several documents provided to help in selecting common computer hardware peripherals. If you would like to see other recommendations and tips, please e-mail your suggestions.  

    Microsoft Office Support

    2007 Video Tutorials

    Word | Excel | Powerpoint | Outlook | Project 

    Microsoft Office Tips

     Provided below are tips and hints for Microsoft Office that you might find helpful. Also read through our collection of MS OFFICE FAQ's for more useful information.

    small winzipNJCU Word 2010 templates
    Templates are a convenient method of creating a document without re-typing departmental information. This link will begin a Zip file download containing Microsoft Office Word templates for Memo, Letter, Fax, and more, with the current NJCU header and space for your department information. Once downloaded, create a new folder under "My Documents and name it "templates". Copy the files in the Zip container to this new folder. Right-click each file and select "Open" from the context menu to edit the template. There is a place-holder for each information item. Once edited, simply save the file. To use a template, double-click the one you want to work with. This will create a new document based on the template.

    Creating A Return Address Template
    How to create a custom return address template using the NJCU standard business envelope with the NJCU logo ....

    Windows OS Tips

    Provided below are links to frequently asked questions pertaining to Windows OS as well as informative and useful documents.

    Tips To Organize Your PC Files
    If you have ever found yourself looking for one or more lost files, that somehow just disappeared, avoiding this dilemma may be easier than you might think. Here are some helpful hints on how to organize your computer files with ease. 

    Mapping the Network Scanner Folder
    NJCU's Departmental Multi-Function Printers can be used to scan documents and pictures. The output of the scanner is automatically sent to the user's personal scanner folder. The user must connect to the folder using Windows Drive Mapping utility in order to retrieve the files. This document provides instructions for mapping the scanner folder. NOTE: You must be logged on with your GothicNet account before going through the process of creating the network folder.

    Utility Applications Guides 

    NJCU PrimoPDF Installation & User Guide
    NJCU has standardized on PrimoPDF to provide a simple means of creating PDF files. The program is free to download and use. While not a full-featured application, this program provides the basics, including security and access controls, and produces PDFs very quickly. This document also provides specific tips on creating PDFs and a comparison of this product with Adobe Acrobat, Standard edition, and the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

    PrimoPDF Manual
    This is the 19 page user manual provided by ActivePDF (the developers of PrimoPDF) after installation of the program. It includes detailed installation instructions, which some readers may find a useful cross-reference to the NJCU-provided instructions. 

    Miscellaneous Topics

    Care, Cleaning, and Sanitizing of Computers, Peripherals and Phones
    This document provides simple instructions for cleaning and sanitizing common desktop and portable technology.

    Selecting the Right UPS
    This document provides guidelines for selecting an appropriately sized uninterruptible power supply (UPS). It is highly recommended that you use one to protect your computer investment.