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Academic Foundation Courses


    Academic Foundation Courses Syllabi 
     Academic Foundation Support Services  
    · Learning Lab : Students who need regular tutoring are encouraged to use the tutoring rooms before they get very far behind.
    The  Mathematics Department provides free “drop-in” tutoring in Karnoutsos Room 422 for all mathematics courses.
    The Center for Student Success in G-SUB offers free tutoring on a first-come first-serve basis in academic foundations mathematics courses.
    · Software : MyMathLab has “Step by Step”, “Solve this Problem for Me” and “Videos”.
    · Pearson tutoring : Pearson has a tutoring center that is available by phone for students using any of their texts. Information about the service can be found at www.aw-bc.com/tutorcenter/. Students toll-free: 1(800)877-3016; Fax: 1(877)262-9774; Email Questions: mtutor@pearson.com 
    · Supplemental Instruction (SI): Some courses are paired with supplemental instruction. This schedule is available by contacting the Office for Specialized Services in Karnoutsos Room 102.
    · Lecture Capture: To celebrate great teaching, instructors have allowed themselves to be filmed and then those lectures may be made available to all Developmental Mathematics students and instructors.
    · Khan Academy: Feel free to find additional support on the website www.khanacademy.org and search videos by topic.