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Faculty and Staff

  • Full Time Faculty
     teclezghi  Dr. Beimnet Teclezghi
    Department Chair, Professor
    Office: K528
    Phone: (201)200-3139
    Fax: (201)200-3497
    Email: bteclezghi@njcu.edu  

    Ph.D. University of Arkansas, 1996  Scholarly interests:

    Algebra, Combinatorics 
     Bennet  Dr. Deborah Bennett
    Office: K524
    Phone: (201)200-2201
    Email: dbennett@njcu.edu

    University Profile
    College of Ed Profile 
    PhD in Mathematics Education
     New York University 1993 
     Scholarly interests:

    logic, probability and statistics, 
    history of mathematics, 
    the teaching and learning of mathematics
     camacho  Dr. James Camacho, Jr.
    Graduate Study Coordinator, Professor
    Office: K532
    Phone: 201-200-2267
    Fax: 201-200-3497
    Email:   jcamacho@njcu.edu

    University Profile 
    Ph.D, Polytechnic University 1987   Scholarly interests:

    topological measure theory 
     caravella  Dr. Sandra Caravella
    Assistant Professor
    Office: K 536
    Phone: (201)200-3348
    Fax: (201)200-3497
    Email: scaravella@njcu.edu

    Ph.D. in Mathematics
    Rutgers University, 1990 
     Scholarly interests:

    algebraic geometry
    history of ancient mathematical astronomy
     Chakraborty  Dr. Debananda Chakraborty
    Assistant Professor
    Office: K538
    Phone: (201)200-3297
    Fax: (201)200-3497
     Ph.D., State University 
    of New York at Buffalo,  2012
     Scholarly interests:

    Computational Mathematics, Stochastic Methods, 
    Nonlinear Optics, Spectral Methods, 
    Discontinuous Galerkin Methods, 
    Financial Mathematics, High Performance Computing 
    zchen  Dr. Zhixiong Chen
    Office: K 542
    Phone: (201)200-2192
    Fax: (201)200-3497
    Email: zchen@njcu.edu 
    Ph.D, University of Massachusetts 
    at Amherst 2002 
     Scholarly interests:

    Applied math, Partial Differential Equations,
    mathematical Modeling, Numerical Analysis
     ding  Dr. Yi Ding
    Office: K 522
    Phone: 201-200-3318
    Fax: 201-200-3497
    Email: yding@njcu.edu 


    Ph.D., University of Massachusetts
    at Amherst 1989

    Scholarly interests: 

    Partial Differential Equations, Applied Mathematics,
    Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Analysis,
    Financial Mathematics

     eby  Dr. Wayne Eby
    Assistant Professor
    Office: K536
    Phone: (201)200-3202
    Fax: (201)200-3497
    Email: weby@njcu.edu 

    University Profile 
    Ph.D. in Mathematics
     University of Maryland, College Park, 2002
    Scholarly Interests:

    Harmonic Analysis, Several Complex Variables, 
    Pompeiu Problem, Radon Transform, CR Manifolds
      Mathematical Biology, Cancer Modeling, Survival Modeling,
    Environmental Modeling

     julio Dr. Julio Guillen
    Office: K516
    Phone: (201)200-2190
    Fax: (201)200-2106
    Email: jguillen@njcu.edu 
    Ed.D. Columbia University, 1993 Scholarly Interests:

    Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics
    Study Design

     km  Dr. Karen Morgan
    Associate Professor
    Office: K516
    Phone: (201)200-2150
    Fax: (201)200-3497
    Email: kmorgan@njcu.edu  
    Ph.D., University of Mississippi, 2001  Scholarly interests:

    mathematics and poetry;  mathematics teacher training at all levels; 
    mathematics teacher knowledge; mathematics and social justice;
     number sense;
    integrative learning and the connection between
    general education and STEM disciplines, especially Mathematics
     michonowicz  Theresa Michnowicz
    Office: K 526
    Phone: (201)200-3219
    Fax: (201)200-3497
    Email: tmichnowicz@njcu.edu 
    avatar-blank  Dr. Das Misir
    Associate Professor
    Office: K534
    Phone: (201)200-2353
    Fax: (201)200-3497
    Email: dmisir@njcu.edu 
     mynard  Dr. Frederic Mynard
    Associate Professor
    Office: K544
    Phone: (201)200-3283
    Fax: (201)200-3497
    Email: fmynard@njcu.edu

    University Profile
    Ph.D. Université de Bourgogne, 1999  Scholarly interests:

     Set-theoretic topology
    Categorical topology
    Foundations of Analysis
     Robbins  Dr. Freda Robbins
    Office: K530
    Phone: (201)200-3499
    Fax: (201)200-3497
    Email: frobbins@njcu.edu   
     john  Dr. Mince John
    Director of Developmental Math
    Office: K544
    Phone: (201)200-3304
    Fax: (201)200-3497
    Email: mjohn1@njcu.edu 
    Ed.D, Educational Leadership, 
    University of Phoenix, 2014
    Concentration: Curriculum and Instruction 
     Scholarly interests:

    Developmental Mathematics: Teaching and Learning
    First generation students and Developmental Mathematics
    Professional Development
    Effect of single Parenting along with low Socio-Economic 
     bongon  Mrs. Helen C. Bongon
    Office: K506
    Phone: (201)200-3201
    Fax: (201)200-3497
    Email: hbongon@njcu.edu 

    Professor Emeritus
    • Dr Prentice Whitlock
    • Dr. Richard Riggs
    Part Time Faculty
    The following are full time or part time professors from other departments and have offices at NJCU. Please see on campus directory at gothicnet.njcu.edu.
    • Yves Delphin
    • Evan Steinberg
    Adjunct Faculty 
    • Aldo Sanchez-Abreu
    • Foshee Adanou 
    • Aminata Adewumi
    • Magdy H. Botros
    • Carlos A. Castillo
    • Raymind R. Coccioli
    • Yves Delphin
    • Joseph Delshad
    • Jonathan Flint
    • Alexander Grinberg
    • Samir Habashy 
    • Alhassan Iddrisu
    • Water Kaczetow
    • Manmeet Kaur 
    • Fanta Jacqueline Keinta William
    • Rudy Kelly 
    • Theodore Lai
    • Mikhail Levit 
    • Weiwei Lo 
    • Bahir Masadeh
    • Abderrahim Mazzouri 
    • James Murduca
    • Qamar Raza 
    • Daniel R. Replogle
    • Bassem W. Saad 
    • Eshrat Sahafian 
    • Robert Serafin
    • Davood G. Taree
    • Jesse Thatcher 
    • Olga Tyupkina 
    • Rubina Vohra
    • Iosif Zeylikovich