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Dear Middlesex County College students, 

In a partnership with Middlesex County College, New Jersey City University (NJCU) offers a Bachelor of Science degree in National Security Studies completely ON SITE at the Edison campus of Middlesex County College.  This program has been recognized as a “national model” preparing you for exciting and challenging careers in various national, state and local law enforcement, intelligence, and security agencies.   

The Bachelor of Science degree in National Security Studies offers a multi-specialization in National, Corporate and Information Assurance/Cyber Security. The program is recognized by the Department of Defense, North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), US Northern Command (NORTHCOM), Department of Homeland Security, National Security Agency and American Society for Industrial Security.  In fact, on June 3, 2009 the Professional Security Studies department was designated by the National Security Agency (NSA) as a National Center of Academic Excellence.   

After graduation many of our students work in agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Air Marshals, New Jersey State Police, Department of Homeland Security, County Prosecutor’s Office, U.S. Naval Intelligence, Customs and Border Patrol and local police departments.  Our students graduate with a full portfolio of field work and are counseled on oral boards, federal, state and local interviewing processes, and the public/private sector application process.   

If you would like to receive more information or are near graduation and would like to apply to the National Security Studies program, please email NJCU’s Program Coordinator at Middlesex County College (Dr. Michael Krantz) at mkrantz@njcu.edu, or click Apply Now.  Additional program information can be found at www.njcu.edu/nationalsecurity.  If you earn an A.A. or A.S. degree from Middlesex County College you are automatically accepted and come in as a junior in the major (with all your General Education courses accepted)! 

We hope to hear from you regarding this exciting opportunity.   

Michael S. Krantz, CPP, Ph.D.
Professor of National, Corporate and Information Assurance/Cyber Security
New Jersey City University


Overall Degree Requirements: You need to earn 120 credits in total for your Bachelor of Science degree, at least 39 in the major, and may apply for the program during your final semester at Middlesex County College. When you apply you will receive a conditional acceptance and will be eligible to register for NJCU courses. When you graduate from Middlesex County College you will need to resend a final transcript reflecting your degree, and will be awarded up to a total of 66 transfer credits (according to New Jersey Transfer Law https://www.njtransfer.org/). You come into the program as a junior and do not have to take any further General Education courses at NJCU.

In the Program Core the Capstone Project can be satisfied ONE OF THE FOLLOWING THREE ways:

  1. Take the Careers course
  2. Complete an Internship (Co-Op)
  3. Complete an Independent Study project (this is a limited option). 

NOTE: You can complete two or even all three of the above for credits, but must do at least one to satisfy the Capstone.

NSTISSI-4011 National Training Standard for Information Systems Security (INFOSEC): If you complete Computer Security I, II, and III you will earn the National Security Agency’s 4011 Information Security certification. 

NJCU is designated a National Center of Academic Excellence

Program Core - 27 credits

Course Number Class Credits
SECU 150
Introduction to Security
SECU 151
Security Systems and Designs
SECU 220
Current Security Problems
SECU 222
Computer Security I
SECU 280
Security Organization and Administration
SECU 321
Seminar in National Security
SECU 323
Risk Management
SECU 398
Research Methods
   Capstone Project 3

Electives - 12 credits (This is not a complete list of available electives in the department. The full list can be found in the course catalog.

Course number Class Credits
SECU 152 Loss Prevention Technique 3
SECU 153 Occupational Safety and Health 3
SECU 154 Careers in National, Corporate and Cyber Security 3
SECU 210* Introduction to Intelligence 3
SECU 224* Ethics in Professional Security Studies 3
SECU 305* Special Topics 3
SECU 310* Forensic Investigation  3
SECU 322* Computer Security II 3
SECU 324* Security Fraud 3
SECU 411* Extremist Groups and Security
SECU 422* Computer Science III 3
SECU 465* Resource Management in Security 3

Applying:  You can apply online. It is critical that you send an official copy of your transcript to NJCU when you apply (This can be done at the MCC Office of the Registrar or through MCC WebAdvisor). Once you apply contact me to be put in direct contact with an NJCU Admissions Representative to track your application.  As you earn an automatic acceptance if you earned an AS or AA degree at MCC, there should be no problems. Once you are accepted contact Michael S. Krantz to begin the registration process. The best way to make contact is e-mail.


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