History of Nu Pi

  • New Jersey City University’s Nu Pi Chapter of the Beta Beta Beta (TriBeta) National Biological Honor Society was initiated by a small group of biology students and was formally chartered in 2008.  Biology major Patricio Fuentes served as the Chapter’s first president and Dr. Laura Pannaman served as the first chapter advisor.  Regular, Associate, Alumni, and Graduate members were inducted into the society by TriBeta's district director Dr. George Boone.   Dr. Roman Wernyj of the Cancer Institute of New Jersey delivered the Chapter’s first scholarly lecture.   
    NJCU Alumni Kathrine Bendtsen and Dr. Cindy Arrigo were Nu Pi’s Chapter President/Advisor pair for the 2009-2010 academic year.   The Chapter coordinated a semester long History of Science lecture series that included guest moderators.   A Facebook Group was developed.  A Chapter member delivered a research talk atFarleigh Dickenson University, and Nu Pi supported the chartering of a new TriBeta chapter at Farleigh Dickenson University.  Nu Pi welcomed and inducted new members.   Our chapter's news was featured in BIOS the journal of the National Biological Honor Society. 
    Taleia Darden was Nu Pi’s president for the 2010-2011 academic year.  The Chapter coordinated  a scholarly lecture by Dr. Isabel Dias of the Global Felid Genetic Program.  Its members interpreted contemporary and historical medicine through  New York Historical Society's BREAKTHROUGH:  THE DRAMATIC STORY OF THE DISCOVERY OF INSULIN exhibition and  a service to community activity.  Ask a Biology Major,  a campus-wide biological interpretive tool, was born. Twenty-one new members were inducted.  Nu Pi continues to be advised by Dr. Cindy Arrigo who shared the honor with the other Inspire at NJCU faculty, Drs  Mulugeta Assefa and Howard Singer. Chapter news was featured in BIOS the journal of the National Biological Honor Society. 
    David Paladines was Nu Pi's president for the 2011-2012 academic year and Dr. Cindy Arrigo ended a three year term as chapter adviser.  President Paladine's vision revolved about clinical scholarship, engagement with nature and community, and contemporary interpretive tools.  His active Executive Board worked to realize the vision through partnerships within the university and with outside agencies.  There were clinical research talksresearch inspired and directed outreach and fund raising, a movie screeningwalking tours at Liberty State Park's Grove of Remembrance, at Freshkills Park in New York and on New Jersey's our own stretch of the Appalachian Trail.  Executive Board members Katterin Colon and Guido Molina presented chemical research talks.  Surgeon Matthew Hosler (MD/PhD) offered the scholarly lecture at the group's 2012 induction ceremony on April 27th where past presidents Fuentes, Bendtsen and Darden were honored.