Spring 2017 MSCHE Exchange Series

Spring 2017 MSCHE Exchange Series

Engage in the campus-wide analysis of the new MSCHE Standards

Participate in discussion of each standard
How does the standard relate to the NJCU mission?
What are NJCU strengths related to the standard?

What type of evidence can we use to demonstrate success?
What are areas of opportunity for us?

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Session 1: Mission Changes to the MSCHE Standards, student outcomes, NJCU mission
February 6, 5:00PM, GSUB 129
February 8, 2:00PM, GSUB 129
Session 2: Ethics and Integrity Climate for diversity, fair and equitable complaints procedures, fair and impartial employee practices, practices for enhancing student financial literacy
February 24, 3:00PM, GSUB 129*
February 27, 2:00PM, GSUB MPR A
Session 3: Design and Delivery of the Student Learning Experience Faculty, program requirements, general education, graduate and professional education
March 3, 1:00PM, Grossnickle 144
March 8, 2:00PM, GSUB 129*
Session 4: Support of the Student Experience Support for underprepared students, orientation, advisement, counseling, retention, transfer policies, alternative learning approaches
March 13, 4:00PM, GSUB 129*
March 17, 3:00PM, GSUB 129
Session 5: Educational Effectiveness Assessment Student learning outcomes assessment
March 22, 2:00PM, GSUB 129*
March 24, 1:00PM, Vodra Conference Room D
Session 6: Planning, Resources, and Institutional Improvement
Assessment, financial planning and budgeting, facilities and technology, resource utilization
March 27, 2:00PM, GSUB 129*
April 3, 2:00PM, GSUB 129
Session 7: Governance, Leadership, and Administration President, senior leadership, administration, organizational structure
April 5, 2:00PM, GSUB MPR A
April 10, 4:00PM, GSUB 129*

Sessions with an * will be available for remote participation