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Incoming Students

  • Why Participate in an Exchange at NJCU?
    • Located 7 miles from Manhattan
    • Easy access to New York City for internships, jobs, or for fun (This is especially beneficial to business majors as well as students in the visual, performing and media arts programs)
    • Student teacher ratio 14:1
    • Average class size: 19
    • Diversity: Over fifty countries and languages are represented on our campus
    • Green campus
    • Access to athletic facilities
    • Access to public transportation
    • Involvement in student clubs/sororities/fraternities/volunteer programs
    • Sponsored trips offered each semester (ex. Broadway, Great Adventure, Yankees games, etc.)
    NSE Exchange Requirements/Restrictions
    • NJCU is a Plan A and Plan B school
      • Plan A is an open exchange (i.e. we can take any number of students on this plan)
      • Plan B is an even exchange (i.e. we can only take in the number of students we send out on Plan B)
    • You must maintain a GPA of 2.5 at your home institution
    • If you do not plan on using our health insurance you must have health insurance coverage from your host institution. If you do not, you must register for NJCU health insurance
    • Education and Nursing classes are CLOSED to NSE students
    • NJCU does not participate in the NSE Resident Assistant Exchange
    • NJCU does not participate in the Honors Access Program
    • Unless you will have access to a car and can live with a friend or family member, we strongly encourage you to live on-campus.  
    Information for Accepted Students 
    • Once you’ve been notified of your acceptance by your NSE coordinator at your home institution, please sign your Placement Acceptance Forms (PAF)
    • Ensure your original PAF is sent to Matthew Lahm/NSE Coordinator
    • Accepted students must send their unofficial transcript to Matt ASAP (this can be done at the NSE placement conference)
    • Once Matt receives your PAF, instructions will be sent to you regarding accessing your NJCU e-mail, course registration, housing, billing, etc.
    • Your housing assignment and move-in day will be e-mailed to you directly from NJCU Residence Life
    Useful NJCU  Links
    Student Life 

    Directions: http://www.njcu.edu/Maps_and_Directions.aspx