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Program Outcomes

  • Graduates from the NJCU nursing program can expect to:

    1. Utilize the nursing process in the protection, promotion, and optimization of health of individuals, families, and communities.
    2. Incorporate evidence-based findings into practice.
    3. Demonstrate competencies in the care of individuals, families, and communities.
    4. Collaborate with clients and other members of the health care team in the planning, coordination, and provision of care.
    5. Provide culturally sensitive nursing care that reflects the worth, dignity, and uniqueness of individuals and groups.
    6. Apply interpersonal and technological communication effectively.
    7. Demonstrate leadership behaviors.
    8. Manifest personal and professional growth through role socialization as a professional nurse.
    9. Synthesize knowledge from nursing and related disciplines in the acquisition of nursing knowledge, competencies, and values for professional practice.