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RN to BSN Dual Admissions Program with Brookdale Community College

  • NJCU - Brookdale Community College

    Current Brookdale students, admitted to the nursing program, are eligible to dual admit. To get started, simply download and complete the dual admission application form, any semester before your final semester and return it to the Transfer Resources / Articulation Office at BCC, located in MAC 107 on the Lincroft Campus. 

    Previous graduates and students in their last semester at BCC who would like to apply to our RN to BSN program simply complete our NJCU undergraduate application form.

    BCC Transfer Resources / Articulation Department at (732) 224-2570
    NJCU at Wall/Communiversity at (732) 280-7090 x 6116 
                                                                             or x 6011 

    Brookdale Community College Curriculum Requirements  

    The below curriculum outline serves as a guideline. These credits transfer to NJCU BSN program.

    BCC Courses (72 Credits)

    Course Number 

    Course Title 

    Credit Hours 

    BIOL 111

    Anatomy & Physiology I


    BIOL 112 Anatomy & Physiology II


    BIOL 213



    ENGL 121 English Composition I


    ENGL 122 English Composition 2


    MATH 151* Intermediate Algebra


    NURS 160 Introduction to Human Needs


    NURS 161 Nursing & Human Needs I


    NURS 162 Nursing & Human Needs II


    NURS 163 Nursing & Human Needs in the Community


    NURS 260 Issues in Nursing


    NURS 261 Nursing & Human Needs III


    NURS 262 Nursing & Human Needs IV


    NURS 263 Managing & Coordinating Nursing Care


    PSYC 208 Life Span Development


    PSYC 106 Introduction to Psychology II


    SOCI 101 or
    ANTH 105
    Principles of Sociology or
    Cultural Anthropology


      Total BCC Credits 


    *Other acceptable math courses are MATH 136-Math for the Liberal Arts or, MATH 145-Algebraic Modeling

    BCC / NJCU Courses (10 credits)

    The following courses are required, but may be taken at either BCC or NJCU

    NJCU Course Number 

    Course Title 

    Credit Hours 

    SOCI 114

    Sociology of the Family

    (BCC equivalent: SOCI 215 Marriage and the Family)


    CHEM 117

    Principles of Chemistry

    (BCC equivalent: CHEM 136 Intro to Inorganic, Organic, and Biological Chemistry)


    PSYC 230

    Statistics for the Social Sciences

    (BCC equivalent: PSYC 245 Intro to Quantitative Methods in Social Science Research)


      Total BCC / NJCU Credits 



    Bachelor of Science in Nursing, RN-to-BSN, at NJCU

    Completion of this major prepares one for a career as a Registered Nurse working in a wide range of healthcare organizations. Graduates of the program are prepared to assume the responsibilities of a nursing generalist as well as to assume leadership positions in nursing.

    • The requirement for admission to this degree track is New Jersey licensure as a Registered Nurse or eligibility to sit for the RN Licensure exam in New Jersey before entering the first clinical nursing course. 

    Course Requirements  

    Course  Course Title  Credits 
      Core Courses       
    NURS 351 Health Assessment Across the Life Span  
    NURS 357 BSN Transitions 3
      Escrow credits awarded upon completion ($150 fee) 14
    NURS 450 Theoretical Bases of Nursing 3
    NURS 451* NPHP Groups/Community Theory 5
    NURS 452* NPHP Groups/Community Laboratory 5
    NURS 460 Nursing Research 3
    NURS 465 Leadership for the Nurse/Manager 3
    NURS 466 Cultural Paradigms for Health Care 3
    NURS 467 Senior Seminar Implementaqtion Project - Thesis Part 1 2
    NURS 468  Senior Seminar Implementaqtion Project - Thesis Part 2 2

      * Must be taken in the same semester

    Brookdale Community College students for a program worksheet, including recommended courses to take at Brookdale, click here.