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Mission Statement and Guiding Principles


    Mission Statement

    The Opportunity Scholarship Program (EOF) at New Jersey City University was created to meet the challenges blocking students who, although demonstrating potential, lack the academic achievement necessary for regular admission to the university. In addition to providing university admission for these students, the program provides these students a number of quality services that are incisive, innovative and student-centered. Beginning with a strong and well-designed recruitment drive which is directed to students, parents, high school guidance counselors and religious & civic organizations, it goes on to challenge its students with an intense summer program, with faculty, professional and peer counselors and teacher assistants, that not only builds the students’ academic skills but also teaches the students university success strategies so that they may begin their Fall academic careers efficiently and well. During their stay with the program all EOF/OSP students are assisted in completing their financial aid process and workshops are provided to students on topics such as money management, changes in FAFSA requirements, etc.

    During the academic year, freshmen students attend individual and group counseling along with tutorial sessions to assist students to adjust to university life and to help them complete their academic foundations coursework and all university requirements. During their sophomore to senior years, the focus of counseling covers areas such as selection of majors, co-op & internship programs, leadership activities, and graduate school and career focused workshops. During this time students also continue to receive tutoring help in general studies and major courses. Opportunities are also given to some students to attend leadership and motivational workshops, and students’ achievements are rewarded through participation in the Chi Alpha Epsilon Honor Society and our end of the year graduation reception.

    Supplementing the extensive support services is the individual and group attention the OSP staff gives to the students. In everything we do we strive to improve the quality of life for the students, empowering them to develop their own potential for success. We convey our expectations as we encourage them to rise to specific standards in academic performance and character. We encourage them to speak and act for themselves, as well as to become critical thinkers and self-advocates.

    Our staff is skilled, accessible and motivated. Working as a team, we focus on academic and personal student obstacles and problems, building up their confidence through considerate and courteous attention. We never assume that what we are doing is going to work for future students. We constantly assess what we do, seeking student input and the kind of changes that improves OSP by meeting new challenges. Further, we are willing to devote extra time to serve as advocates for students, articulating their needs, expressing their concerns, and acting on their behalf. As we do this we are always attempting to fulfill university and state goals. This is accomplished, in part, by participating in university & state committees & by attending staff development activities so that as professionals we can continue to implement best practices.