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Summer Program


    The Summer Program 
    Get the Right Start! 
    The summer program offers stimulating classes that concentrate on strengthening students’ academic skills, help students to refine classroom skills and prepare students for their fall and spring semesters.  
    All tuition and fees, books, field trips, and lunches are paid for by the program. Summer residential expenses for those students who qualify are also paid by the program. Classes are in session for five weeks, Monday through Thursday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Upon successful completion of the summer program, students receive a stipend check to help with their university expenses.  Click here to view pictures of some summer program activities. 


    Pen (Summer of Challenge) - Article about OSP Summer ProgramRead an article on the OSP Summer Program, originally published in NJCU's Academic Forum.(Title:  Summer of Challenge )
    "Imagine a group of teachers gathered into a faculty, any faculty. Observe them furrow their brows, lean forward, punch at the air with their index fingers as they discuss their classes, their students, their curricula. What drives them?  (Here we are not talking about the cynics, the exhausted who have given up, the never-were’s.)  ... [read more]