Strategic Plan

  • Colleagues,

    Transforming Lives, our Strategic Plan, exemplifies NJCU’s commitment to each and every individual who comes to our University to learn and grow. It is through Transforming Lives that NJCU will achieve its vision of being a nationally recognized leader in urban public education. Our strategic plan has four goals:

    • Enhancing academic rigor and excellence
    • Achieving academic, personal, and social success for all our students
    • Securing vital resources to enhance our capacity for excellence
    • Establishing NJCU as a leading partner in the growth of Jersey City and beyond

    These goals – indeed, the entire plan – are the result of a broad-based effort involving over 300 faculty, staff, students, and community members. Working iteratively, task forces gathered extensive data from stakeholders, analyzed information, and took their conclusions back to the community for further input. As such, there is campus-wide investment in and excitement around Transforming Lives. The plan represents both what we are now and what we will become with dedication and effort.

    Transforming Lives will be the basis for all our decision making over the next years, allowing us to maintain focus on making NJCU the best. We have begun these efforts by establishing four priority areas for the first year of implementation. Our priority teams are currently developing initiatives to move their areas forward.

    I invite you to read a working draft representing efforts of these teams to date. As work continues, we will share updates on the initiatives and their impacts. Please check back frequently to learn about our progress and accomplishments.

    Sue Henderson, Ph.D.