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    The Dr. Dorothy E. Denning Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education is a multidisciplinary Center that supports New Jersey City University’s mission to provide a diverse population with an excellent university education. Dr. Dorothy E. Denning is the namesake of the Center in recognition of her pioneering work in the field, during a period of our Nation’s history when women were severely underrepresented in the sciences. 

    Information Assurance is generally defined to include cyber security, cyber forensics, data quality, data completeness, data accuracy, privacy and issues associated with the storage, communication and sharing of data and information.

    The Center’s goals are to afford students opportunities in Information Assurance, these include:

    • Bring together faculty and students across the university in teaching and learning
    • Support faculty and student interactions in research, presentations and publications
    • Assist students in career planning, internship opportunities and career placement


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    Functions supported by the center include:

    • Provide training and certification seminars and workshops for businesses and other partner institutions
    • Coordinate course development in Information Assurance
    • Organize NJCU based research and publication in Information Assurance
    • Procure and maintain partnerships with neighboring companies and small businesses concerning security in computing and Information Assurance
    • Promote faculty and student awareness in Information Assurance
    • Offer leadership to surrounding community colleges and technical schools

    The Center strives to enhance the security and integrity of information within the geographical region with plans to extend nationally and to the development of teaching laboratories in Information Assurance. 


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    Approved on November 18, 2007 By:
     Bill Soohoo 
    Tsung Y. (Bill) Soo Hoo, Ph.D. 
    Chair, Professional Security Studies Department
    New Jersey City University
    And Recognized By:
     Sandra Bloomberg 
    Sandra Bloomberg, Ph.D. 
    Dean, College of Professional Studies
    New Jersey City University
    PROCLAMATION - COMPLETED on February 23, 2009.