• Joseph Piazza - Bachelor of Science in Professional Security Studies  (Class of 2010)

    "I just wanted to write an email stating how helpful the Professional Security/National Security program was in getting my new Loss Prevention manager position with Sams Club. During the interview I found that all of the tips Dr. Krantz gave us in the careers class truly paid off and I was able to answer some difficult questions in a very professional and confident manner. Also many of the classes I have taken so far such as OSHA, the fire safety courses, the HAZMAT courses and many more helped me prove that I am ready for the responsibilities because I have been educated by some of the best in the law enforcement and security field. I find now while working this job that I use things I have learned from my studies almost every day and I don't think that I would have been able to obtain this job or perform its functions without the knowledge I have obtained from this program." 

    Mike Massarotti - Bachelor of Science in Professional Security Studies  (Class of 2009) 

    "The choice to transfer here to pursue a Security degree quite possibly was one of the best decisions I made. I can personally attest that as a federal law enforcement officer the topics and core competencies explored in this program are applicable to real world procedure. I found it fascinating when I went to Police training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, that the material I was being taught was already covered extensively in my educational curriculum.
    The faculty equipped me with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to exceed the requirements of employment in the Security field, which is a field that is dominated by individuals possessing extensive experience. As an undergraduate, I was able to win the International Writing Competition sponsored by the American Society for Industrial Security International for 2008, as well as other Security related awards. I have the Security Department to personally thank for those accomplishments.
    The faculty that represents the department are distinguished in the field, and will push you to aspire to obtain the goals you have set for yourself. Most importantly, the program and faculty can lead you to a career path of your choosing, but it is on you to take the initiative too. In my case, within 3 months of graduation with my Bachelors, I was in the hiring process with some of the Nation’s top Agencies/Organizations, i.e. the Capital Hill Police, Allied Barton, TSA, and the Pentagon Force Protection Agency."  

    Sarah Vaughn - Bachelor of Science in Professional Security Studies  (Class of 2009)

    "I am a transfer student from Hudson County Community College with a 3.85 GPA. I was offered admission to John Jay, Rutgers and Columbia in the areas of National/Homeland Security. After visiting NJCU and meeting the professors, I knew this was the place for me. The professors are helpful, patient and student-focused. They make you feel comfortable, like part of a family. All students are treated as they are important and colleagues. Without any intimidation, students work together, practice communications and critical thinking. At NJCU you learn, not just obtain a diploma. The resources are provided including internships and resume building to get a job upon graduation. I still get letters from John Jay, Rutgers and Columbia to come to their programs.  I am very happy with NJCU and plan to stay."  

    Patrolman Jason Gorto - Bradley Beach Police Department (Class of 2008)

    "I have been in the Professional Security Studies program since its inception. The expertise of the teaching staff combined with the material covered makes the program one of a kind. I have been put in charge of homeland security within my agency due to my participation in the program. I have attended two other colleges and NJCU is light years ahead of them in information and expertise."