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    Protection through Prevention and Education

    The Fire Safety Management program at New Jersey City University is committed to maintaining and providing a safe environment for the University community. Over the last several years the University has developed an effective Fire Safety Program by interfacing professionally trained personnel with the newest technological advancements in fire detection and suppression systems. The Department of Public Safety which coordinates the Fire Safety Management Program is staffed with New Jersey State Certified Fire Inspectors/ Fire officials who conducts fire drills, fire prevention workshops and fire safety inspections of the University buildings.
    Public Safety personnel also attend continuing education programs each year and receive training certifications from Rutgers and John Jay University in Fire Safety Management. In addition, the Fire Safety Management program at NJCU is actively involved with the University community through voluntary based programs that recruit university staff members as Floor Wardens, as well as with a wide range of fire service personnel through our involvement with the University Fire Science Program.
    The Fire Safety Management Program at NJCU believes that our continued involvement and support of these programs will foster our mission to protect the University through prevention and education.See our Fire Safety Report 2014 for more information on Fire Safety Management Program and Annual Fire Safety Report on Student Housing 2011. (entire report)
    Services of Fire Safety Management
    • Responding to fire/building code questions
    • Inspecting, testing and maintaining all fire protection systems, specifically, fire alarms, sprinkler and automatic extinguishing systems.
    • Serving as the direct liaison to all outside fire protection agencies, including Municipal, State and Federal agencies.
    • Conducting fire safety inspections of University owned buildings.
    • Supervising abatement of hazards and fire risk for all University owned buildings.
    • Preparing and implementing evacuations plans for University buildings.
    • Developing and conducting fire safety training programs.
    • Maintaining a database of fire safety compliance and incident information.
    Guidelines, procedures and tips developed by this program can be found in our Helpful Information page.

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