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Discipline & Judicial Policy


    Student living within NJCU’s Residence Halls, have the responsibility to learn about the expectations the University has concerning students. It is important for students to familiarize themselves with the policies in effect  so that they can make informed choices. 

    The following resources will serve as reference guide to understanding the policies on campus and to avoid disciplinary sanctions.  
    • The Student Code of Conduct
    • The Resident Student Handbook Guidelines  
    • The terms of your Housing Agreement (the Agreement you signed prior to moving into the residence halls agreeing to abide by Residence hall policies).
    • Your Resident Assistant, Resident Counselor, Coordinator, and Director.


    Resident students have the right to exist in an atmosphere free of mischievous and delinquent incidents and behavior. The following policy is designed to promote and maintain such an atmosphere.

    Resident students found violating any of the previously noted policies, any policies as stated in the New Jersey City University Gothic Guide Student Handbook or engaging in any activity not specifically stated that may cause disruption in the residence halls or constitute as misuse of NJCU property are subject to the following sanctions (not in this particular order):

    • Warning – Students receives a verbal and written warning from Residence Life staff.
    • Apology – Resident student may be required to write a letter of apology.
    • Mediation - Students engage in a formal process of dispute resolution conducted by a third-party determined by the Office of ResLife.
    • Housing Probation – Loss of guest and visitation privileges for determined amount of time.
    • Housing Suspension – Student is removed from housing for a determined amount of time.
    • Housing Dismissal – Student is removed from housing for the remainder of the academic year. 
    • Community Service – Student will be required to participate in a community service project as determined by the Office of Residence Life
    • ASAP – Resident students found violating Alcohol and Other Drug policy will be required to complete ASAP Program through Counseling Center, GSUB 308 (201) 200 - 3165.
    • Counseling – Student is required to participate in counseling sessions to address a specific issue.

    Once the Office of Residence Life establishes that an incident has occurred, it is the student’s responsibility to prove that s/he is not responsible. A letter and a non-appeal form will be sent to the resident student involved regarding the time and date for a meeting with Residence Life staff. If the resident student agrees with the charges outlined in the letter and does not wish to appeal, they need only to sign and return the non-appeal form to the Office of Residence Life. By doing this, the resident student is agreeing with the charges and whatever sanctions the Office of Residence Life sees fit.

    If the student does wish to appeal or discuss the charges outlined in the letter, s/he is responsible for making the set meeting time. Students who fail to make or reschedule disciplinary meetings, forfeit their right to appeal and sanctions will be determined by the Office of Residence Life.

    *Sanctions may vary depending on the severity of incident and at the discretion of the Residence Life Director.