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Visitation & Guest Policy

  • The right of a student to live in reasonable privacy (to be determined by Office of Residence Life) takes precedence over the right of her/his roommate to entertain guests. Visitation hours in the Residence Halls are between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 a.m. on weeknights and 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. on weekends, with the exception of the University Apartments which allow visitation from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. at all times. All guests must check in with Public Safety and/ or Desk Attendants before gaining entry into the residence hall.  

    Overnight guests need advance and explicit consent from all other roommates in the room and written approval from the Director of Residence Life or designee at least 24 hours in advance. These guests may not remain in the room for more than two consecutive nights and only in accordance with set visitation policies (i.e. following all the Residence Hall rules that are followed by regular students). Residents are directly responsible for the actions of their guests and face disciplinary sanctions, as well as financial responsibility for the improper behavior of their guests when it results in property damage and/or other violations.  


    Any violation of the policy will result in the immediate removal of the visitor from the premises. The University reserves the right to deny access to any guest if it has been determined that such a person has disturbed, endangered or disrupted any resident or the contents of the building. Violators may be placed on a “banned list” prohibiting them from entering any or all of the halls. Any questions or concerns can be brought forward to the Office of Residence Life. Mail notification will not be provided to visiting guess. The following are not permitted: 

    • Children under the age of 12.  
    • Passing keys and cards from one resident to another person.  
    • More than two guests per resident (maximum of 4 guests per room).  
    • Leaving guest unattended.  
    • Signing in guests for other resident students.  
    • Submit overnight guest pass for more than 2 consecutive nights or twenty (20) days during the semester, whether with the same host or a different host each night.   

    NJCU Resident Students’ Visitation Policy  

    At all times, NJCU resident students must show validated NJCU University photo-identification (ID) cards to campus security to gain entry into their assigned residence halls. A resident visiting another residence hall must also provide his/her identification (ID) card, sign in properly, and obey visitation policies and procedures . Gaining Access to visit one resident does not authorize a student to visit another resident or to roam the resident halls without resident host. The Resident host assumes full responsibility for guest. There may be no more than two guests per resident at any given time. You are considered a “guest” when you are visiting a residence hall in which you do not resident. 

    Non-Resident Guest  

    A non-resident, non-NJCU student or guest may gain access to the residence halls during visiting hours, according to the following times: 

    Co-Op and Vodra 

    • 8 am-12 midnight weekdays (Sun – Thur)  
    • 8 am- 2am weekends (Fri. & Sat.) 
    • Unrestricted on weekends for current resident ONLY (Fri. & Sat.) 
    2040 University Apartments only
    • 8 am- 2am everyday  
    • Unrestricted on weekends (Fri. & Sat.) 

    All guests must: 

    • Leave a photo ID with security 
    • Sign-in with security 
    • Be announced by security  
    • Be signed in and escorted to the room by resident host. 
    • Obtain ID when leaving the residence hall 

    Please note that gaining entry to visit one resident does not grant visitors the right to visit another resident or to roam the resident halls. IDs that are left or confiscated by Residence Life staff are held in the Residence Life Office and can only be retrieved by the owner of said ID. * Consistently, failing to collect ID may impact your visitation privilege.  

    Restricting Access to the Residence Halls (Getting Banned) 

    The Director of Residence Life or designee may impose restriction(s) upon a student pending disciplinary proceedings. Interim restrictions become effective immediately without prior notice whenever the Director of Residence Life or designee, believes the student may pose a serious threat to self or others, property or cause serious disruption to the University community.  

    Restrictions may be extended if determined as appropriate by Director.  

    Note: Interim restrictions may include, but are not limited to: suspension from specified residence areas; relocation of residence; restriction to designated University residence areas or restriction of contact with named individuals or groups within the Residence Life community.