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  • Waitlist Housing Application Terms  
    Completion and submission of a Waitlist Housing application does not guarantee that campus housing will be available for the applicant. Completion and submission of a WAITLIST application indicates that the applicant fully understands and agrees to the following terms:

    WAITLIST applications for campus housing are accepted ONLY to ensure that those students who remain interested in campus housing can be quickly contacted and their housing application activated in the UNLIKELY event that Residence Life receives more cancellations than anticipated from students with currently active housing applications.

    Residence Life recommends and encourages students completing a WAITLIST application to actively seek and make arrangements for alternate housing (whether confirmed or tentative).

    WAITLIST applications will be considered for placement based upon distance criteria and the order in which they were RECEIVED by Residence Life. If space becomes available, Residence Life will contact students on the WAITLIST by phone, email or US Mail. If Residence Life is unable to successfully contact a student from the WAITLIST within a given period, the available space will be offered to the next student on the WAITLIST.
    Assignment to available spaces is made by gender. When spaces designated for one gender become available, they will only be made available to students of the same gender on the WAITLIST.

     In order to accept a housing offer from the WAITLIST, students must immediately pay the non-refundable, $150.00 Deposit Fee. After accepting the room, the $150 deposit guarantees a room for the upcoming semester. Offers will be retracted for students failing to satisfy requirements.

    If a student on the WAITLIST is no longer interested in campus housing, a written notification (mail, fax, email) requesting cancellation of the WAITLIST application. This courtesy will allow Residence Life to more quickly offer available space to students who do still wish to live on campus.