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  • Faculty Directory


    Name   Title  Phone  Location  Email
    Dr. Yi Yu Chen, Ph.D. Assistant Professor,
    3061 234D ychen 
    Dr. Michael Cole, DPS  Assistant Professor,
    2411 205C mcole2
    William Craven, MBA, CPA, CMA Associate Professor,
    2403 205M wcraven 

    Dr. John T. Donnellan, DPS, MBA 

    Assistant Professor, Management 2308 234F jdonnellan 
     Dr. Jack Egan, Ph.D.  Professor, Marketing 3152 206 jegan 
    Marilyn Ettinger, MBA CFA, CTP Professor, Chairperson
    3232 205F mettinger 
    Marguerite (Peggy) Griffin, MBA, CPA, CFE, PFS, CFF Assistant Professor, Chairperson, Accounting 2118 204 mgriffin1 
    Dr. Shimshon Kinory, Ph.D. Professor, Management 2404 234C skinory 
    Dr. John Laski, MBA, DBA Professor, Management 2410 234B jlaski 
    Dr. George (Zhengzheng) Li, Ph.D., CFA Professor, Finance 2412 205E gli1 
    Melissa Martirano, MBA 

    Assistant Professor, Chairperson, Marketing

    2402 205D


    Mingshan (Michelle) Zhang Professor, Accounting                  2130 205S mzhang
    J.D. Jayaraman

    Professor, Finance                       

    2297 205G jjayaraman
    Zhimin Wang Professor, Finance 3371 205G zwang
    Dr. Rosilyn Overton, Ph.D., CFP, CRPS  Professor, Finance 2266 205R roverton 
    Damian Prince, MSA Professor, Accounting 2163 205P dprince 
    Jeanette Ramos-Alexander, MBA, CPA, CMA, CFM Professor, Accounting 2414 205L jalexander 
    Dr. Joseph J. Riotto, DBA, MBA, CPA  Professor, Accounting 2311 205J jriotto 
    Dr. Wanda L. Rutledge, Ph.D., MBA Assistant Professor, Chairperson, Management 3389 234G wrutledge 
    Dr. Afaf Shalaby, Ph.D., MBA Professor, Accounting 2406 205K ashalaby 
    Dr. Joseph Stern, Ph.D, MBA Associate Professor,
    2407 234E jstern
    Susan Dale Williams, MBA Professor, Marketing 2405 205B swilliams2 
    Dr. Rosalyn Young, JD Associate Professor,     Accounting 2408 205N ryoung 
    Christopher Versace Assistant Professor,           Finance 2464 205T cversace
    Amit J. Mokashi Professor, Management 2572 234H amokashi
    Barbara O'Neal

    Associate Professor,      Management

    2156 204 boneal
    Eunsu Lee Professor, Management 3505 234H elee3
    Ke (Helen) Li Professor, Marketing 3368 205S kli
    Rubina Vohra, Ph.D Professor, Chairperson, Economics 3074 K622 rvohra
    Richard Anderson, Ph.D Assistant Professor, Economics 2285 K626 randerson
    Andrew Bossie Professor, Economics 2234 205T abossie
    Harris Hordon Professor, Economics 3272 206 hhordon
    Ivan Steinberg

    Associate Professor,   Economics

    3462 205Q isteinberg

    Staff Directory


    Name   Title  Phone  Location  Email
    Bernard McSherry


    2001 R234 bmcsherry
    Melanie McDonald Associate Dean 2001 R234 mmcdonald
    Deatra Ashley Administrative Assistant to the Dean 2001 R234 dashley
    Ruth Ortiz Assessment/ Accreditation Specialist 2001 R234 rortiz
    Isabel Casais Graduate Enrollment 3230 R234 icasais 
    Leonard Williams Undergraduate Enrollment 3260 R234


    Debra McClary Assistant to the Dean 2009 R234 dmcclary
    Queen Gibson Advisor / Transfer Specialist 3011 R234 qgibson
    Joyce Hurley                                       Secretary 3353 R205 jhurley 
    Mary Robinson Secretary 3353 R205 mrobinson1