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BS Business Administration - Travel and Tourism Management

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    Professor Mike Cole
    Email: mcole1@njcu.edu
    Phone: (201) 200-2411
    Fax: (201) 200-3242

    Located at 160 Harborside Plaza 2, Jersey City, NJ 07311

    Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a specialization in Travel and Tourism Management

    Completion of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a specialization in Travel and Tourism Management prepares the student for a career as a tour developer, travel agency professional, lodging professional, event coordinator, and entry-level positions in the travel and tourism and gaming industries.  Continued study may include a master’s degree in Business.

    The requirements for admission to this degree program are:

    • A minimum cumulative undergraduate grade point average (CGPA) of 2.5
    • A minimum CGPA of 2.5 in all Business courses
    • Completion of at least 42 credits, including the All University Requirements and the following specific pre-major courses:
      BUSI 201 Introduction to Business
      ACCT 251 Principles of Accounting I
      ACCT 252* Principles of Accounting II
      ECON 207 Principles of Economics: Macro
      ECON 208 Principles of Economics: Micro
      MATH 1165* Precalculus for Business
      *Requires a prerequisite/corerequisite course, see course description for more information
    • Declaration of major upon completion of the above requirements

    Transfer Students

    Transfer students must complete at least 12 credits at NJCU, in addition to above requirements prior to declaring a major.

    Courses taken at NJCU to satisfy Marketing major requirements require a minimum grade C (2.0). Major classes in which a grade below a C is earned do not meet degree requirements. Students who are unable to meet these standards are advised to withdraw from the major. 


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    Course Requirements: 

    Course  Course Title  Credits 
    BUSI 201¹ Introduction to Business 3
    BUSI 203* Business Statistics 3
    MGMT 211* Principles of Management 3
    MKTG 231* Principles of Marketing 3
    BUSI 241  International Business 3
    ACCT 251¹ Principles of Accounting I 3
    ACCT 252 Principles of Accounting II 3
    ACCT 281  Business Law I 3
    BUSI 301   Professional Development 3
    FINC 371* Managerial Finance 3
    MKTG 390  Introduction to Tourism Management 3
    MKTG 392* Quality Management and Customer Service 3
    MKTG 393  International Tourism 3
    MKTG 394* Tourism Marketing and Sales 3
    BUSI 411* Business Policy 3
    MKTG492   Technology in Tourism Management 3
    CS 214² Business Applications on the Microcomputer I 3
    ECON 207¹ ² Principles of Economics: Macro 3
    ECON 208¹ ² Principles of Economics: Micro 3
    ENGL 200* Writing for Business 3
    MATH 1165* ¹ ² Pre-calculus for Business 3

    Electives: Select a minimum of six credits from business courses with the approval of a faculty advisor.
    Notes: ¹ Taken as a pre-major required course. 
               ² May be used to simultaneously satisfy a General Studies Program area requirement.
               * Requires a prerequisite course, see course description for more information.