Major in Sociology

  • Sociology Major Requirements, Revised 2009 

    Required Courses 24-27 credits 

    Soci 111-Principles of Sociology (3cr)
    Soci 113-Social Problems (3 cr)
    Soci 233-Introduction to Social Work(3cr)
    Soci 360-Research Methods (3cr)
    Soci 421-Sociological Theory (3cr)
    Soci 442-Basic Statistics (3cr)
    Soci 443-Field Internship (3cr)
    Soci 420-Social Research Lab (optional)(3cr)
    plus One of the following:
    Soci 115-Introduction to Anthropology (3cr)
    Soci 141-Cultural Anthropology (3cr)
    Soci 247-Native Americans (3cr)
    Soci 248-Human Origins (3cr)

    Electives-(15-18 credits) arranged by area of concentration

    Note that concentrations are a list of suggested courses for those who wish to specialize in a certain area/career path
    All elective courses are 3 credits with the exception of independent study
    Liberal Arts/Graduate School Preparation 
    Soci 254-Urban Sociology
    Soci 257-Comparative Cultures
    Soci 265-Racial and Cultural Minorities
    Soci 340-Political Sociology
    Soci 342-Social Stratification
    Crime and Social Behavior 
    Soci 255-Juvenile Delinquency
    Soci 266-Criminology
    Soci 344-Social Change
    Soci 346-Social Structure and Personality
    Soci 351-Sociology of Law
    Family, Health and Youth Services 
    Soci 114-Sociology of the Family
    Soci 244-Ethnic Families in America
    Soci 254-Urban Sociology
    Soci 255-Juvenile Delinquency
    Soci 262-Health, Ilness, and Society
    Human Services in Aging 
    Soci 120-Introduction to Aging Studies
    Soci 221-Human Services in Aging
    Soci 232-Sociology of Aging
    Soci 243-Death and Dying
    Soci 262-Health, Illness and Society