Minor in Anthropology

  • Required Courses (12 credits)

    SOCI 115 Introduction to Anthropology (3cr)

    SOCI 141 Cultural Anthropology (3cr)

    SOCI 248 Human Origins (3cr)

    SOCI 300 Interpreting Cultures (3cr)


    Three courses from the following (9 credits): 

    SOCI 201 Women and Family in Different Cultures (3cr)

    SOCI 203 Native Peoples of South America (3cr)

    SOCI 247 Native Americans (3cr)

    SOCI 257 Comparative Cultures (3cr)

    SOCI 300 Interpreting Cultures (3cr)


    One course from the following (3 credits): 

    AFRO 164-Introduction to African Civilization
    ART 108 African and African American Art (3cr)
    LATI 201 Peoples and Cultures of the Caribbean I (3cr)
    LATI 202-Peoples and Cultures of Mexico and Central America
    LATI 206-Cuba and Puerto Rico in Historical Perspective