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Faculty Bios - Zandile Nkabinde



    Dr. Zandile Nkabinde
    Associate Professor
    E-mail: znkabinde@njcu.edu
    Phone: 201-200-2446
    Office: Professional Studies Building 350



    Ph.D., Special Education, University of Utah 
    M.Ed., Harvard University
    B.Ed., Degree University of Zululand


    Dr. Zandile Nkabinde is an associate professor and a chair person for the Department of Special Education at New Jersey City University. She was born and raised in South Africa.  Dr. Nkabinde’s areas of research interest include inclusive schooling for children with behavior disorders, high stake testing and its impact on minorities and persons with disabilities, and experiences of immigrant women scholars in higher education.

    Dr. Nkabinde has presented her scholarship throughout the world in both national and international professional gatherings. She has served in varied capacities in her field of interest including being a consulting editor for The Journal of the International Association of Special Education. She also served as a guest reviewer of Multiple Voices, the Journal of Division of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Exceptional Learner (DDEL), the Council for Exceptional Children. She is currently a reviewer of multicultural Learning and Teaching. Dr. Nkabinde is affiliated with many professional organizations including: the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC), the Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders, and the International Association of Special Education.

    Dr. Nkabinde is the author of many articles in peer reviewed scholarly journals such as: The Journal of Special Education, European Journal of Special Needs, Journal of International Special Needs, International Encyclopedia of Education, Multicultural Learning and Teaching and The Negro Educational Review. Dr. Nkabinde has also written several book chapters on varied topics including one titled: Using assistive technology to educate students with developmental disabilities and autism in a book titled: Autism and Developmental Disabilities: Current practices and issue edited by Anthony F. Rotatori, Festus E. Obiakor and Sandra Burkhardt. Dr. Nkabinde is an active scholar who also enjoys doing community work and spending time with her family.


    Graduate Committee, Co-Chair
    IASE Public Relations, Co-Chair 
    Reviewer for Multicultural Learning and Teaching (online journal) 

    Selected Publications and Presentations

    Nkabinde, Z. P. (2013). A Tale of Two Worlds: A South African-Born Educator’s Journey in the American Academy. In  I. Harushimana, C. Ikpeze, and S. Mthethwa-Sommers (Eds.), Reprocessing Race, Language and Ability: African-Born Educators and Students in Transnational America.

    Nkabinde, Z. P. et al. (2010). Educating Children with Physical Disabilities. International Encyclopedia of Education, Vol. 2, pp. 640-645.

    Nkabinde, Z. P. (2010). In Pursuit of Equality in American Higher Education: A Reality or Myth. Multicultural Learning and Teaching, 5(1), 12-21.

    Nkabinde, Z. P. (2010). Living with Triple Marginality in America’s Teacher Preparation Programs. In F. E. Obiakor, P. Grant and S. O. Obi (Eds.), Voices of Foreign-Born African American Teacher Educators in the United States, pp. 41-53. Nova Science Publishers, Inc.: New York.

    Nkabinde, Z. P. (2008). Using Assistive Technology to Educate Students with Developmental Disabilities and Autism. In A. F. Rotatori, F. E. Obiakor, S. Burkhardt (Eds.), Advances in Special Education, Vol. 18, pp. 273-283. Emerald, JAI: United Kingdom.