STEM Departments and Programs


    STEM Departments and
    Programs @ NJCU


    The STEM Departments offer the following programs to all NJCU students. For more information, please visit the corresponding departmental websites.

    Biology Department

    Undergraduate Programs

    • Bachelor of Science in Biology
    • Bachelor of Arts in Biology
    • Minor in Biology
    • Bachelor of Arts in Biology with Teacher Certification
    Undergraduate Affiliated Programs
    • BS in Allied-Health Technology Joint-Degree Program with UMDNJ School of Health-Related Professions (UMDNJ-SHRP)
      • Respiratory Care
    • BS in Clinical Laboratory Sciences Joint-Degree Program with UMDNJ-SHRP
      • Medical Laboratory Science
      • Cytotechnology •
    • BS in Medical Imaging Sciences Joint-Degree Program with UMDNJ-SHRP
      • Cardiac Sonography  
      • Diagnostic Medical Sonography  
      • Vascular Sonography  
      • Nuclear Medicine Technology
    • BS in Biology with Medical Laboratory Science Specialization Undergraduate Affiliation with Jersey Shore Medical Center (JSMC)
    • BA/BS in Biology in Advanced Practice Affiliation with UMDNJ-SHRP Graduate and Professional Affiliated Programs
    • BS in Biology/PhD in Biomedical Sciences Dual-Degree Program with UMDNJ Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (UMDNJ-GSBS)
    • BA in Biology/DMD in Dentistry Dual-Degree Program with UMDNJ-New Jersey Dental School (UMDNJ-NJDS)
    • BA in Biology/DO in Osteopathic Medicine Dual-Degree Program with UMDNJ- School Osteopathic Medicine (UMDNJ-SOM)
    • BS in Biology/DPM in Podiatric Medicine Dual-Degree Program with New York College of Podiatric Medicine (NYCPM)

    Chemistry Department

    Undergraduate Programs

    • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
    • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry-Teacher Certification (Physical Science) Program
    • Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry
    • Minor in Chemistry

    Computer Science Department

      • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

    Geoscience Department

    Geoscience / Geography Degree Tracks

    • B.A., Earth Science
    • B.A. / B.S. Environmental Science
    • B.S., Geology
    Geoscience / Geography Minors
    • Geology Geography Urban Environmental Science (proposed)
    • Geographic Information Science (proposed)

    Geoscience / Geography Certificate Programs

    • GIS Certificate

    Mathematics Department

    Undergraduate Math Program

    • Bachelor of Arts Major in Mathematics
    • Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics-with Mathematics Teacher Certification
    • Bachelor of Arts Minor in Mathematics

    Undergraduate Math Program

    • Master of Math Education

    Physics Department

    Undergraduate Degree Programs

    • B.A. Applied Physics
    • B.S. Applied Physics
    • B.A. Teacher Certification
    • Pre-Engineering Program
    • 3+2 Dual Degree with NJIT (BS in Applied Physics from NJCU and BS in Electrical Engineering from NJIT)
    • Minor in Applied Physics