Funded Projects – Previous


    Funded Projects - Previous


    Increasing Institutional Capacity in Academic Support Services and Faculty Development 

    Award: $ 2,709,848
    Duration of the Project: Oct 2008 - Sept 2013

    This project encompasses two activities, both of which are part of larger strategies for addressing critical barriers, challenges, and problems that hinder the University from fulfilling its aspirations as an urban university of excellence and access.

    Activity One: Improving Math & Science Outcomes with Emerging Scholars Program. Over the course of the project, 1000 freshmen will be randomly assigned to participate in the Emerging Scholars program, which involves three strands:

    1. Emerging Scholars Mathematics and Science sections with Supplemental Instruction for gatekeeper courses,
    2. Emerging Scholars First Year Experience Courses embedded metacognitive skill training, and
    3. Emerging Scholars Advisement Sessions, which include academic counseling, structured scheduling, and the use of career planning software.

    Activity Two: Improving the Capacity of the Center for Teaching and Learning is related to the University's long range goal of improving the capacity of faculty to work with under-­prepared students and carry out its vision to become a nationally recognized leader in urban public higher education.

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    USDA: Re‐shaping a Curriculum: Environmental Science in the Urban Environment 

    Award: $287,707
    Duration of the Project: Aug 2009 - July 2012

    The main goals of the USDA-sponsored project based at New Jersey City University,a federally designated Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) and Minority Institution(MI) located in Jersey City, NJ are:

    1. Increase the number of well-­‐trained food and agricultural sciences professionals (especially those from underrepresented minorities)
    2. Improve the quality of their education.

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    US Department of Education CCRAA Institutional: Improving the Success of Community-College Graduates Seeking to Complete Baccalaureate Sciences Degrees 

    Duration of the Project: October 1, 2008 - September 30, 2010

    The project design is informed by a genuine need among these students, and by NJCU’s mission of access and excellence in an urban university with a diverse student population, as outlined in NJCU’s current strategic plan, Vision 2010. The goals of this project are to:

    1. Increase the number of Science majors at NJCU;
    2. Improve the persistence, retention and graduation rates of Science majors at NJCU.


    US Department of Education CCRAA Collaborative: Improving the Pipeline for Latinos in Science and Mathematics A Systemic Collaborative Among Two Urban HSIs 

    Duration of the Project: October 1, 2008 - September 30, 2010

    This CCRAA Cooperative Arrangement application is the result of a partnership between New Jersey City University and Hudson County Community College, two institutions that are bound by the commonality of their missions, their geographic environment in Jersey City, NJ, and their aspirations for supporting Hispanic and other minority students achieve academic and economic success. It attacks three problems:

    1. Low numbers of low-income and under-represented students enrolled in science and mathematics majors at both institutions.
    2. Transfer students’ need to repeat courses or take extra credits.
    3. Poor performance in science and mathematics classes, low retention and graduation rates, and low numbers of students graduating with STEM degrees.


    Department of Defense: Designing Electronic Components and Devices from Inorganic Molecular Scaffolds 

    Duration of the Project: September 15, 2008 - September 14, 2011


    Department of Defense: Infusion of Combonatorial Solid-Support and Microwave-Assisted Reaction in the Undergraduate Chemistry Curriculum 

    Duration of the Project: September 15, 2006 - September 14, 2007


    Department of Defense: Strengthening the Undergraduate Physics Lab at an Urban HSI

    Duration of the Project: Aug 2004 - 2006


    USDE Minority Science and Engineering Improvement Program - Institutional

    Award: $299,874

    Starting Year of the Project: 2004