Q & A

  • Q: Why am I being asked to take this test? 
    A: The results of this test will help place you in courses for which you are best prepared. Therefore, this test should be taken seriously. 

    Q: Is this an admissions test? 
    A: No. This is not an admissions exam. In fact, you will not take the test until you have been admitted to NJCU. 

    Q: What are basic skills courses? 
    A: Basic skills courses will provide background work that will increase your potential for success in college. These courses will not count toward graduation. They are prerequisites for taking college level courses.

    Q: I have taken other standardized placement tests. Is this test still necessary? 
    A: If you have taken the Accuplacer exam at another institution in New Jersey within the last three years, you may be exempt from certain portions of the placement exam. Please call or email us to see what you need to do before you enroll for classes at NJCU.

    Q: I am not sure if I am required to take the test. What should I do? 
    A: Please call us at (201) 200-3305 or complete an online form via this web site with your specific question. 

    Q: How do I prepare for the test? 
    A: While the goal of the test is to assess your skills in reading, writing, and mathematics, a review of Mathematics and basic English concepts would help refresh those skills, particularly if you have not used them for awhile.

    Q: Will I have to pay a fee to take the test? 
    A: There is no fee. However, only matriculated students will be invited to take the test.

    Q: Where do I take the test? 
    A: Testing Services will confirm your appointment and include the location and time of testing.

    Q: How do I find out how I did on the test? 
    A: Your Reading and Mathematics test scores will be available immediatley upon your completing the test.  Your Writing score will be available when you meet with your academic advisor. To understand how your scores impact the classes you will take, please click here.