Policies and Procedures: Press Releases

  • The Office of Public Information and Community Relations and the Office of Communications and Marketing are the only University offices authorized to release information about the University to the media.  The Offices maintain a close working relationship with editors, reporters, and staff of the electronic and print media throughout New Jersey, metropolitan New York, and at national news syndicates. The assistant vice president for university advancement for public information and community relations is the official spokesperson for the University.

    As part of the Division of University Advancement, the Office of Public Information and Community Relations and the Office of Communications and Marketing play a significant role in promoting the institution through "non-paid" advertising (i.e., news releases; placement of story ideas in the media; public service spots; print, radio, TV calendar listings; Gothic, NJCU’s university advancement magazine; NJCU’s online calendar of events and e-releases; "This Month" calendar; and NJCU’s electronic signage).

    The Offices increase positive awareness and enhance the image of the University through a variety of media and public relations approaches. Specific publicity plans are developed according to the particulars of a news item or event, and targeted for appropriate media placement and distribution.

    Faculty and staff are encouraged to call x3461 or e-mail news@njcu.edu to convey information about outstanding programs, grants, cultural and public service events, and faculty, staff, student, and alumni achievements that should be shared with the public through the media. Contact should be made during the initial planning stages of events, programs, or conferences so that appropriate media plans may be developed.

    All requests for press releases should be made via the Press Release Request Form.

    It is important to note:

    • All media plans and publicity initiatives must be determined by the Office of Public Information and Community Relations or the Office of Communications and Marketing.
    • All information must be disseminated by the Offices on official news release stationery, sent by the Offices electronically, or posted by the Offices online at njcu.edu, the University’s home page, or on the “University News” section of the GothicNet Web portal.
    • All official publicity photography must be arranged by the Office of Public Information and Community Relations.
    To maximize coverage and allow scheduling for printing and dissemination, all story ideas and information must be submitted for press releases and general coverage as follows:

    1. Press releases–At least three to four weeks prior to the event.
    2. "This Month"–The first of the month prior to publication  (i.e., April 1 for May)
    3. Calendar announcements for advance listings–At least eight weeks prior to the date of the event  (newspapers, magazines, web calendars, electronic signage)
    4. Calendar announcements for radio and television–At least three weeks prior to the event 
    5. Special calendars–At least four months prior to the event 
    6. Requests for photography of news events–At least three to four weeks prior to event.

    Each news release is disseminated to daily and weekly print and electronic media, ethnic media, community organizations, schools, libraries, civic leaders, trustees, faculty members, administrators, staff, and campus media.  News releases are also posted on the University’s home page at njcu.edu, on the “University News” section of the GothicNet Web portal, and on the University’s electronic sign located at the intersection of West Side and Audubon Avenues.

    Certain publicity approaches require extensive lead time because of deadlines set by publications or stations.  Deadlines for various print and electronic community calendars, entertainment and cultural calendars, and public service announcements vary greatly. Specifics should be discussed with CAM editors, x3461.