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Policies and Procedures-Printed Materials

  • Graphic Style Guidelines 

    Official University Logo
    Official University Colors
    Unauthorized Uses
    NJCU Stationery 


    Official University Logo

    The official New Jersey City University logo must appear on all printed and online communications representing all academic, administrative, and auxiliary units of the University.

    The NJCU logo must be used on all stationery and business cards and must always be displayed on the front or back of a brochure, booklet, or newsletter, and in ads, posters, or flyers. 

    The logo includes the symbol and the University’s name as shown.

    The words “New Jersey City University” are an integral part of the logo’s design; the typeface and proportions of the words and letters in the logo may not be altered. 

    The logo may not be redrawn, reproportioned, or modified. The logo must always be reproduced from approved electronic files and should never be scanned or reproduced from previously printed materials or websites since this degrades the overall quality.

    Logo Variation 

    The mark shown at right may be used as a graphic element without the typography as long as the entire logo, intact, is used somewhere in the publication. The mark is used only at 100% value, either in green (PMS 569), gold (PMS 130), or black. The mark may not be redrawn or distorted in any way and must not be combined with other words or graphic design elements.

    Official University Seal 

    The University seal is reserved for exclusive use by the President and on formal and official documents, such as diplomas and transcripts.

    Using the seal is prohibited without the consent of the Office of Marketing.

    Logo Placement 

    The University logo should always be displayed with optimum legibility. The logo must not be smaller than 2.5.

    The logo must also be placed with at least a 0.125 border of white space around it.


    Official University Colors

    NJCU’s official colors are green and gold. Printing inks are PMS 116 gold and PMS 569 green.

    Ideally, the logo should be green and gold. However, when only one color is used, either PMS 116 gold or PMS 569 green must be used.

    colors njcu 

    Unauthorized Uses

    The NJCU logo must only be reproduced in its original form. 

    • The logo must never be combined with any other symbols, including the seal, previous logos, athletic symbols, or other art. The logo must never be used as a secondary symbol. The use of secondary symbols is discouraged. 
    • The logo must not be printed on an angle.
    • The logo must not be printed over photographs, drawings, textured backgrounds, or other graphics.
    • The logo must not be reproportioned, stretched, or distorted in any way.
    • The logo color(s) must never be changed. 

    Other Applications 

    All questions concerning the use of the NJCU logo can be addressed to the Office of Marketing, Hepburn Hall, Room 112-D; (201) 200-3425.

    NJCU Stationery


    Formal Correspondence: Strathmore Writing 24# text, ultra white, wove finish. Paper must be ordered through the Procurement Office, Hepburn Hall, Room 111.

    Informal Correspondence (bulk mailings and memoranda sheets): Finch Opaque 60# text, white, vellum finish. This stationery is available upon request from the Printing and Mail Services Center, Hepburn Hall, Room 148.

    Letterhead Format 

    Letters should be typed flush left with no indentation for paragraphs, ragged right, with a 1.568 (1 ⁹/₁₆) left margin and a 1.5 right margin. The letter should start with the date 2.062 (2 ./₁₆) from the top, running to the 7 right margin. The opening line should begin two spaces below, directly below the right edge of the NJCU logo.

    Memoranda Format 

    Memoranda should be typed flush left with no indentation for paragraphs, ragged right, with the left tab set for 1.568 (1 ⁹/₁₆). The text should be ragged right and the right tab should be set for 1.5 (1 .) from the right edge of the page. The last line of text should not fall below 9.75 (9 .) from the top of the page. For more text, use a second sheet, blank, no logo. 

    Business Cards 

    Business cards must be requested through the Procurement Office, Hepburn Hall, Room 111. 
  • Contacts

    Office of Marketing 

    Location: Hepburn Hall, Room 112d
    Phone: (201) 200-3425
    Fax: (201) 200-2098
    E-mail: Ocam@njcu.edu