Community Health


    Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences with specialization in Public Health Education

    Completion of this major prepares one to assume an entry-level position as a health educator, health educator with a specialty (e.g., AIDS educator), health planner, or health counselor. The Public Health Education program offers opportunities for students to conduct community needs assessments, organize communities to bring about change, plan, implement and evaluate health programs. Continued study may include a master’s degree in public health, health education or community health. 


    • All seniors must take the Community Health Education Specialist (CHES) exam prior to graduation.

    Course requirements:  


    Course  Course Title  Credits 
    Incoming Take in the 1st or 2nd semester  
    HLTH 201  Seminar in Health Sciences 1
    HLTH 203  Cultural Aspects of Health 3
    HLTH 210  Introduction to Public Health 3
    HLTH 211 Consumer Health 3
    HLTH 220  Human Disease 3
    HLTH 301 Health Counseling 3
    HLTH 303* Environmental Health 3
    HTLH 304*         Biostatistics 3
    HLTH 450  Community Health Research  
    HLTH 402 Principles and Techniques of Health Education 3
    HLTH 405*         Health Planning 3
    HLTH 425 Epidemiology 3
    HLTH 434 School and Community Health Programs 3
    HLTH 435*
    HLTH 1435*
    Field Internship in Community Health 8
    Electives   minimum of 15 credits from the following    
    HLTH 205  Public Health Aspects of Nutrition 3
    HLTH 206  Substance Abuse 3
    HLTH 207  Human Sexuality 3
    HLTH 300  Women and Health 3
    HTLH 302  Mental Health  
    HLTH 305  Safety Education and First Aid 3
    HLTH 310  Public Health Aspects of Immigration 3
    HLTH 430  Health Sciences Field Study 3
    BUSI 211* Principles of Management 3
    BUSI 251 Principles of Accounting 3
    GEOG 455 Geographic Information Systems III  3

     Notes: ¹ May be used to simultaneously satisfy a General Studies Program area requirement.
    * requires a prerequisite course, see course description for more information.