Teacher of Health Education


  • Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences with Teacher Certification in Health Education

    Completion of this major prepares one to assume the responsibilities of a health education teacher who is certified to teach health in grades K–12 in New Jersey. Continued study may include a master’s degree in education, health education, health science, and public health. 


    • Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC).

    The requirements for admission to this degree track are: 

    • A minimum cumulative undergraduate grade point average (CGPA) of 3.0
    • Admission to the education certification program requires a minimum CGPA of 3.0²
    • Completion of the All University Requirements and the following specific courses with a 2.0 GPA or higher:
      • MATH 112¹ Intermediate Algebra
      • PSYC 150¹ Developmental: Birth through Adolescence
        or PSYC 152¹ Developmental: Adolescence through Adulthood
      • SOCI 114¹ Sociology of the Family
      • INTD 149¹ Human and Intercultural Relations
      • HLTH 515 Curriculum Development in Health Education
      • HLTH 517 Methods of Health Education
        ¹ may be used to simultaneously satisfy a General Studies Program area requirement.
        ² Eligibility for teacher certification by the New Jersey Department of Education is dependent upon completion of the curriculum requirements of a certification program and the minimum CGPA that is in effect at the time of application for certification. All Teacher Certification candidates must take and pass the Writing Assessment exam during the first or second semesters of entering the teacher of health education program.


      Course requirements:  

      Course  Course Title  Credits 
      HLTH 205  Public Health Aspects of Nutrition 3
      HLTH 206  Substance Abuse 3
      HLTH 210  Introduction to Public Health 3
      HTLH 211* Consumer Health 3
      HTLH 301* Health Counseling 3
      HTLH 302  Mental Health 3
      HLTH 303 Environmental Health 3
      HLTH 305  Safety Education and First Aid 3
      HLTH 411*   Field Internship in Health Education     8
      HLTH 415  Family Living and Sex Education 3
      HLTH 418  Methods and Curriculum in Health Education 3
      HLTH 425*   Epidemiology 3
      HLTH 434 School and Community Health Programs 3
      EDU 301    Challenges in Urban Education 3
      EDU 330  Focus: Development, Behavior and Learning 3
      EDU 331 Education Field Experience II 1
      EDU 485 Classroom Management and Assessment 2
      LTED 330  Focus: Reading, Language and Literacy 3
      SPEC 250  Introduction to Education & Psychology of Exceptional Children & Youth 3

      *Requires a prerequisite course, see course description for more information