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    WGST 100 Women’s Lives

    This course is an introduction to the field of Women’s Studies. It explores the different experiences of womanhood in the United States and around the world, with an emphasis on roles throughout the life cycle and the importance of race, class, sexuality, and culture in shaping gender roles. 


    WGST 103 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies

    This course is an introduction to Gender Studies. It examines traditional gender roles and considers how these have changed over time. 


    WGST 108 Race, Class and Gender Activism 

    This course examines women's movements and activism in the United States and around the world. Through primary source documents and monographs, we will look at a wide spectrum of feminist political interventions that focus on the intersection of race, ethnicity, class, and sexual identity both in the analysis they propose and the solutions they generate. 


    WGST 141 Masculinities

    What does it mean to be a man in any given context? Why are some forms of masculinity more valued than others? What do feminist masculinities look like? The course explores the social and cultural construction of masculinity by surveying interdisciplinary texts that analyze, question, and transform the ways in which masculinity is understood and performed in a variety of settings. The course pays special attention to the intersections between gender, race, class and sexual orientation in the formation of various forms of masculinity. 


    WGST 190 Introduction to Lesbian and Gay Studies

    This course offers an interdisciplinary introduction to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender studies. It explores the history of same sex-desire in Western and non-Western cultures and examines the political, psychological and artistic cultures of contemporary lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities. 


    WGST 202 Women and Work 

    This course explores the condition of women as paid and unpaid workers in the United States and around the world. It considers the history of women’s work and the effect of the global economy on traditional and non-traditional occupations for women. 


    WGST 203 Women and Aging

    This course examines significant events in the lives of mature and aging women by exploring shifting situations, self-images, aspirations, anxieties, and values. 


    WGST 204 Theorizing Bodies: Gendered Perspectives

    This course in an introduction to various theoretical accounts of the body. How are human bodies and bodily experience shaped by gender relations? How do bodies (and the way we perceive them) vary historically and across cultures ? How are different bodies perceived, valued and treated? In this course, we will examine the body as the product of complex social arrangements and processes. We will study the body as a part of our identity, as the object of social control, and as the repository of shifting race, gender and sexual categories. 
    Previous completion of WGST 100 is recommended.  


    WGST 208 Sex: Power, Pleasure and Politics

    Beginning with some basic work on the history of sexuality, this course explores a variety of topics: heterosexuality as an historical institution; pornography; prostitution; date rape and sexual harassment; rape and sexual violence; race, sex, and miscegenation; sex and disease; and sex and pleasure. The course analyzes each of these topics by placing them in their political, economic, social, and ideological contexts. 
    Previous completion of WGST 100 is recommended.  


    WGST 210 Black Womanhood

    This course examines the impact of racism and sexism on Black women and explores various representations of Black womanhood focusing on their implications for feminist thought. Perspectives from sociology, history and literary criticism are included. 


    WGST 215 Men of Color in Urban America

    This course analyzes the cultural, social, political, economical, and historical positions of Black and Latino men in urban America. It explores a range of positions that deconstruct the cultural underpinnings of manhood, masculinity, and identity politics. Topics covered include: sexism and violence; the role of the media; employment, drug culture and man as provider (i.e. father); politics, liberation, revolution and activism; leadership models; relationships with men and women; sex and sexuality. 


    WGST 320 Feminist Practices

    This course introduces students to the history and development of women’s and gender studies as an academic field. Explores basic concepts central to contemporary feminist thought and offers a critical examination of various research techniques used in women’s and gender studies with a particular emphasis on interdisciplinary work.
    Prerequisites: WGST 100 or 103 and two additional courses toward the major.  


    WGST 380 Internship in Women's and Gender Studies

    Interns work in organizations related to women’s and gender studies and are supervised by assigned staff at placement sites. Journal and final paper are required. 
    Prerequisites: WGST 100 or 103 and two 200 level courses.  


    WGST 3XX Women of Color

    This course is an interdisciplinary and comparative study of the experiences of women of color in the United States. The constructs of race, ethnicity, class, gender, and sexuality as they relate to social institutions and national ideologies will be explored. The course also examines the historical, political, and economic influences that have informed the relationships between women of color and white women in the United States. 
    Prerequisites: WGST 100 or 103 and two 200 level courses.  


    WGST 3XX Gender and Popular Culture

    This course focuses on construction of femininity and masculinity in various popular cultural forms including: television, movies, music, advertising, fashion, and the Internet. Analyses center on the production and consumption of popular culture and its role in shaping perceptions and experiences of gender in individual, national, and global contexts.
    Prerequisites: WGST 100 or 103 and two 200 level courses.  


    WGST 4XX Gender, Migration, and Citizenship

    This course will explores how population movements worldwide are intricately connected to existing gender, labor, sexual, and family relations. Analyses address the complex connections between mobility patterns, economic trends, gender relations, discursive formations (including citizenship and nationality laws), and new forms of subjectivity, community, and political engagement. 
    Prerequisites: WGST 100 or 103 and two 200 level courses.  


    WGST 4XX Latina Feminisms

    This course examines the historical development, theoretical positions, and political, social, and artistic contributions of Latina feminisms in the United States. 
    Prerequisites: WGST 100 or 103 and two 200 level courses. 


    WGST 490 Senior Seminar in Women’s and Gender Studies

    Advanced course on a selected topic in women’s and gender studies. Topics may include Gender and Globalization; Women and Spirituality; Feminism, Policy and the Poor; Gender and Human Rights, etc. Each student will be expected to pursue an original research project making use of primary sources, scholarly 
    journals, and other library materials. 
    Prerequisites: WGST 100 or 103, WGST 320, and at least two additional courses toward the major.