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    The Women’s and Gender Studies program offers a 36-credit Bachelor of Arts degree. Students must pass the Writing and Reading Assessment Profile (WRAP) and complete an entrance interview form before enrolling as majors.
    While women’s lives and experiences are the central focus, all courses incorporate analyses of masculinity and femininity, as well as perspectives informed by LGBT Studies, queer theory, and feminist practice. 
    Degree Requirements: Note Some Area D and E General Studies Courses also count toward the Women's and Gender Studies Major. See below.  
    General Studies Courses Fulfilling WGST Major Requirements:  
    Area D: 3 credits 
    HIST 154 History of Women 
    Area E: 6 credits 
    Choose 2 courses from this list  
    WGST 100 Women’s Lives
    WGST 103 Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies 
    WGST 108 Race, Class, and Gender Activism 
    WGST 190 Introduction to LGBT Studies 
    WGST 202 Women and Work 
    LATI 209 Sex and Gender in Latin America 
    B.A. in Women's and Gender Studies: 36 credits (including General Studies Courses listed above). 
    Core Requirements: 15 credits 
    Restricted elective: Select 3 credits from the following courses 
    WGST 100 Women’s Lives (3)
    WGST 103 Intro to Women’s and Gender Studies (3)
    Restricted elective: Select 3 credits from the following courses 
    WGST 108 Race, Class, Gender and Activism (3)
    WGST 208 Sex, Power, Pleasure and Politics (3)
    WGST 320* Feminist Practices (3)
    WGST 380* Internship in WGST (3)
    WGST 490* Senior Seminar (3)
    Electives: 21 credits (9 credits must be courses at the 300/400 level) 
    Restricted elective: Select 9 credits from the following courses. 
    WGST 141 Masculinities (3)
    WGST 190 Introduction to LGBT Studies (3)      
    WGST 202 Women and Work (3)
    WGST 203 Women and Aging (3)     
    WGST 204 Theorizing Bodies: Gendered Perspectives (3)    
    WGST 210 Black Womanhood (3)
    WGST 215 Men of Color in Urban America (3)     
    WGST 3xx* Women of Color (3)     
    WGST 3xx* Gender and Popular Culture (3)     
    WGST 3xx* Gender, Migration, and Citizenship (3)                     
    WGST 4xx* Latina Feminisms (3)
    WGST 4xx* Independent Study (3)
    Restricted elective: Select 12 credits from the following courses. 
    FYE 116 Women and the Global HIV/AIDS Pandemic (3)
    ART 266 Women Artists (3)
    CRJ 303 Women and Criminal Justice (3)  
    HIST 154 History of Women in the US (3) 
    ENG 351 African and Caribbean Women Writers (3)  
    ENG 226 Images of Women in Literature (3)
    ENG 205 Lesbian and Gay Literature (3)
    ENG 313 Stories of Teaching and Learning** (3) 
    ENG 229 U.S. Latina/o Writers (3) 
    ENG 300 Women Writers Workshop (3)    
    ENG 386 Workshop: Writing The Memoir** (3) 
    LAT 209 Sex and Gender in Latin America (3) 
    MEDI 338 Women in Film (3)
    SOC 201 Women and Family in Different Cultures (3)
    SOC 244 Ethnic Families in America (3)
    SOC 450 Seminar in Sociology: Domestic Violence (3)
    POLI 215 Women and the Law (3)
    PSYC 210 Women and Psychology (3)
    *courses with prerequisites 
    **with permission of the chairperson