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Ed.D. in Educational Technology Leadership

  • Online Open House for the Ed.D.
    in Educational Technology Leadership
    Thursday, February 4th @ 7:00 pm



    This doctoral program is designed to help you further your career by focusing on five primary areas: developing you into an educational technology leader; providing you with the necessary project-planning techniques through theory and applications; integrating the implementation of real-world scenarios in all of your projects; understating how to bridge the mindsets and techniques between academia and the corporate world; and ensuring that all aspects of your projects will work as planned, in order to accurately measure the results.

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    1:51 Flexible Schedule: Come to NJCU for one week a year; the other 51 weeks are all online.
    Unique Opportunity: Combine educational technology and leadership skills to meet your career goals.
    Affordable: Affordable tuition with financial aid available to qualified applicants.
    Real-World Education: Learn by solving real-world problems through your projects.
    Expert Recognition: Achieve the highest, most recognizable, and most respected degree – the Doctoral Degree.
    Networking: Build relationships within your cohort and beyond.
    Outstanding Education: Compile a toolbox of knowledge and experiences.

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    Career Opportunities

    There are a growing number of new career opportunities in academia, the corporate world, higher education, and consulting fields for specialists with the knowledge and experience to handle the challenges of the 21st Century.

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    Just as a teacher shouldn’t look at just one measure of assessment when evaluating a student’s overall ability, we welcome you to apply to our Ed.D. in Educational Technology Leadership, and we will consider all aspects of your background and experiences when you submit your application to this unique and exciting program.

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    The Ed.D. in Educational Technology Leadership consists of 60 credits above the Master’s.

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    All courses are taught by prominent instructors at New Jersey City University who are recognized experts in educational technology leadership.

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    Request Our Detailed Program Informational Package:

    To request our program informational package and to discuss any questions you may have, please call 201-200-3078 or email edd@njcu.edu.