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Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action


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    Welcome to the New Jersey City University EEO/AA web page. Within these pages you will find important EEO/AA related policy and procedures, an education program for faculty and staff, student-focused information and AA compliance documents for hiring faculty or staff. If you find any section unclear or have specific information, please contact the EEO/AA Office at the numbers listed below.

    Mission Statement 

    New Jersey City University's special character as a diverse institution is reflected in its urban setting. This setting provides the foundation for the premise that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to become educated or employed within this institution. This institution brings the campus community together to enable people; who are employees, students, or campus visitors; the opportunity to forge connections and develop social discourse through pursuits of higher learning, employment or similar attractions. One attraction is the diversity within this University, the ability to meet people who have both similar and different interests than yourself. Each of us within this institution has the responsibility to preserve this openness, curiosity and critical analysis. The University's President has the ultimate responsibility of ensuring that affirmative action, non-discrimination and equal opportunity are the practice of New Jersey City University. Therefore, the President has given the EEO/AA Office, the primary responsibility of implementing, articulating, and advocating for New Jersey City University policies, procedures and priorities in the areas of affirmative action and equal opportunity. The EEO/AA Office implements its central responsibility through a number of functional and cross-functional activities to create a collaborative impact. The EEO/AA Office also articulates its administrative responsibilities in a delicate balance of theory from EEO/AA law to the spirit of EEO/AA laws intent. The EEO/AA Office advocates for federal/state laws and University policies and procedures to ensure non-discrimination in all University sponsored activities, programs, and services.